Thursday, December 30, 2010

nye notd

I'm still sick and so lazy to get fancy with the notd, excuse the messy cuticles (acetone on brush was difficult during the cleaning up process) but here is what I came up with!

base coat and top coat are the usual :) LOVE these two!

2 coats of opi "glove you so much" from 2009 holiday collection
1 coat of cover girl "disco dazzle" 405

hope you like this! happppppy early new years!!! hope you all have a great evening and weekend! stay warm!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


i was watching YT and ginabinawina did such an awesome demonstration on an alternative to backcombing! backcombing has great results, but washing out and detangling and all the hair spray involved is veryyyy damaging, this is wonderful!!! i'm going to order one right after i type out this post! enjoy!

to order she included this amazon link


thank you gina for sharing this with all of us!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

baby sister's 18th birthday

i just want to say happy 18th birthday to my baby sister!
i know you read my blog from time to time! just want to wish you the best year of your life! so many exciting endeavors are coming up for you and i just want to let you know that i am ALWAYS here for you! i love you!!!!! gags* lol jk!

we spent a whole day hanging out in downtown san diego gaslamp! we went shopping, eating, more eating and more shopping! my sweet boyfriend bought her jager (gag joke, but she was only allowed one shot) and scratchers!! lol she was scratching away!
she made me pose like this on purpose, but afterwards i told her "this is how i always pose!" ahaha
if you're ever in san diego, EXTRAORDINARY DESSERTS is a must!!! the yummiest desserts and teas! and it's beautiful!
my favorite: strawberry dreams forever hot tea
LOL SOMEONE loves my snuggie just as much as i do! this thing is soooo warm! i recommend one to everyone! even if it's not HK, the original one is just as good! i got my parents and some friends some for christmas :)


3 more days til' 2011!!!! that was so fast!!!!

i'm still waiting for opi katy perry to come out...waiting for a phone call from imperial beauty supply man is like waiting for a phone call from the bf! lmao! will post as soon as i get it!


Monday, December 27, 2010


FOTD: circle lenses from yume aka bittenbefore
and fabuloussssssss falsies from L aka ladylonline
i loveee both together!
the circle lenses are so comfy! i wore em 12 hours and they didn't give me problems!
the lashes are a perfect long, short, criss cross combo and such good quality! i love em!!!!!

thank you, loves!!!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas!

merry christmas, alllllllll!!!!!! I hope you all have a great Christmas day and weekend! lots of good tidings and cheers! :)

Christmas cards curteousy of beauty babes, the little gestures that says a million kind things!

see ya in the new year! what are your NYE plans?!?


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Friday, December 24, 2010


my sweet twinsie mr. xtina knew I was sick and we were texting each other and she said she got me a gift that would keep me warm and I was asleep earlier and she dropped by and left this cuteeee box!!!

HK wrapping!!! I couldn't wait, so I opened it!!

LO and BEHOLD.. HK snuggie!!!!!! squeals* we went to hot topic a few weeks back together and this thing was sold out everywhere! she's such a thoughtful friend! I love you, babe!!!! i am so happy we are friends! thru thick and thin! you know we gift each other things all the time cause we are gay like that, but in the end all that doesn't matter, cause it's your friendship that means most to me :) mwahhhhhs!!!!!

*puts on snuggie n rolls around and does scary ghost pose*

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holiday love packs

I'm so soooo blessed with beauty babes who thought about me during this holiday season!! they sent me love packs without me knowing!!! freaking ninjas!!!! thank you so much!!!

circle lenses and HK JP goodies from yume aka bittenbefore

massssskkkkks galore, Ed hardy mini perfume and eyelashes from sweeeeet may

and today this box of joy came in the post from bi aka tinkerbi! how she got my address is still a mystery to me! ahems* iyah! ahems* get ready to be bombed back if you're reading this, sneaky Bi!!!!

you babes have made my holiday so much more loving and warm! I caught the flu two days ago and It's seriously the worse death feeling ever! :( but nonetheless happy holidays and merry Christmas eve, everyone!!! I love you all! and even love that ONE hater who left me that anonymous comment last week *MWAHS* to you, also! :)
eat lots of holiday foods and
enjoy your time with your loved ones!


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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

snowflake NOTD

Christmas is this weekend!!!! whooopiiieeee!!! so I decided to do another Christmas inspired NOTD! my attempt at drawing a snowflake failed, but you get the idea :)

as usual orly's "nail defense" for base coat and seche vite top coat

-opi "glitzerland" from the Swiss collection (2 coats)
-opi "bring on the cling" (1 thin coat) on top of "glitzerland"
-ring finger: opi "meet at jingle" (2 coats) from 2009 holiday collection
-white snowflake Sally hansen's "timeless white"

and green rhinestone on snow flake! :)

I need more practice! but hope you enjoyed!! I'm going to have a mini giveaway after the new years!! waiting on the Katy perry opi line! with the "black shatters" polish! happy Wednesday!


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Sunday, December 19, 2010

annual secret santa dinner with my girlfriends

each year my girlfriends and i get together for a secret santa exchange! the whole process is the most hilarious because everyone tries to guess who the others have!!! and we make side bets on it ahahhaa this year we went to il fornaio in irvine and then off to ding dong dang karaoke afterwards for some good times! singing and dancing! i love em so much!!!

i am so blessed i have girlfriends i have known since childhood to call my own..REAL friends who don't FAKE THE FUNK and we always have each others' backs..i have met so many people this year and i am so blessed to have some beauty babes in my life..the real genuine ones are ones that i continue to be friends with..lots of lessons learned this year and i would not change a the end, i'm so the beauty babes that are reading this...i loveeeee you!!

and i love all you for coming to my blog and taking the time to read/look at just makes me happy to be able to share any goods or stories with you all!

bestie's hair and make up by me :)

she thinks these are all her gifts...

but their actually ALL MINE! :D
i'm wearing circle lenses yume babbby gifted me!! she and i have the same prescription and astigmatism so she was soooooo kind to send me a pair to try and some other JP goodies!! i hope you enjoy the n/p pack and goodies i sent you back, lovie!!!

lesson of the year: i don't tell anyone to send me stuff and other people don't ask me for anything in return, but i was raised to reciprocate and acknowledge peoples' acts of kindness towards one owes anyone anything, but in the end it's common courteousy..close friends or no close friends, it seriously helps me sleep better at night knowing i can help someone out or make someone else happy

we both decided to rock the red lips for the occasion!
i put NYX "DEEP RED" lipliner all over to shape the lips and MAC'S "RUSSIAN RED" on the center of the pout for that pop of red!!! lovely, inexpensive combo! or just do the DEEP RED lipliner by itself, and you'll get a NICEEE matte lip!
my ride of die
hey! i'm actually wearing a NON "skimpy, short, slutty" dress!!! (inside joke; *eyes rolling action*)

did i tell you i have a sick sense of humor?
karaokeeee!! love ding dong dang, they are always updated with the hits!!

it was raining cats and dogs alllll night! not good for the hairs at all


lol i leave you with a funny clip
the crazy kadeers always puts on a show..dancing and's the filipina/zumba teacher in her

hope you're all ready for xmas this coming weekend!!! so exciteeeddd!!!



Friday, December 17, 2010


Christmas nails!!!!!
I was lazy so I wanted to do something quick and easy!

this is what I came up with...

base: orlys "nail defense" still best base coat I've tried thus far!
opi: "jade is the new black" from hong kong collection (2 coats)
opi: "bring on the bling" from burlesque collection (1 coat on tips)
china glaze: "ruby pumps" my favorite red ever! with pretty red glitters (2 coats)
milani: "gold" (1 coat)
top coat: seche vite (1 coat)

end results
note: I take all nail swatch pictures with the iPhone 4, with flash turned on, it makes the color look extremely vibrant!

ready for secret Santa semi formal dinner with my girlfriend tomm.!

my freshly manicured toes says hiiiii!!!!

tip: getting a professional pedi, it's good to get french tip because it literally lasts forever!! it usually lasts me a month! doesn't chip and when it grows it's not noticeable!

if you're in so cal.. check out "hi fashion nails" and ask for Jessica, she does a great job! $15 for a full spa pedicure with French tip or solid color..I went back to her because my other lady quit, but shes just as good!

another tip: when painting nails with dark colors (ESP) to clean it take some acetone n a thin eyeliner or paint brush and dip in the acetone, clean off a bit so it's not too wet and wipe around the cuticles! voilĂ !!!

and totally forgot this important tip, until siwing asked em just now!


glitters are a painnnn in the butttt to take off...
so i start off with using professional 100% pure acetone that i get from imperial beauty supply
i rip a cotton ball into five pieces, soak the cotton with the acetone and lay each piece over each finger...

i leave this for about a minute or two and then it'll easily melt and break apart the glitters! then a little rubbing and ta daaaa!
clean nails!

hope you all enjoyed this one!! have a wonderful weekend!!

smile! regardless of what anyone else says..and appreciate those around you who love/care for you! hooray for the holidays!!

leave a comment if you have questions! I always answer on the comment box when I get any questions :)


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Monday, December 13, 2010

november babiesss

thuyle and i love you all!!!

then the next day..hungggover..some of us made it to see usher and trey songz!!! soooo good live!
trey songz and usher sound amazingggg in real life and are both top notch performers! we enjoyed it so much!

USHER!! he sang all his old jams and new jams!! swoons*


photo update

hi loves!
sorry i havn't been updating much! i've been busy preparing and registering for classses for this spring! so excited to go back to ucsd after a quarter of being hiatus due to my stupid car problem..hope you all are doing well! the weather is extremely wierd in's hot during the day and freezing cold at nights!! here are some photos during past events this month and last month..enjoy!! and i have a great NOTD post coming up! in time for the holidays!!

sakura happy hours with my loves

bestie for 15 years! and going on strong..she seriously praises my accomplishments and pushes me hard when i'm down
babylove..the man who cares for me and loves me more than i even imagine. i feel so blessed and lucky each day

bruxie chicken and waffles with ang!! love you, ang!!! our foodie adventure started out with bruxie, korean foods for dinner, cafe bar for avocado shake with lots of shopping in between :)

visited smavis at his sushi place! yanagi bistro in artesia!!! it is delicious!! freshest fish and smavis makes the best creations!! i'm going to come back for more!

bub's 27th birthday celebration at gyu kaku with all his boyfriends lol

homos ;)

the boys are way too rowdy! our course, we get to be DDs :)

i'm so excited to see all my girlfriends this saturday for our annual secret santa dinner and gift exchange!!! we've been doing this tradition for the past 4-5 years and it's so much fun! i miss you bitches so much!! even though we saw each other the other week..i know we've all been busy with life, but nothing will keep us apart :) if you're reading this *HUGGGGGS*!!!!

hope all you babes are having luck xmas shopping and preparing for the upcoming holidays! the malls are way hectic and everything is quickly selling out!!! let me know your plans for the holidays!! mwahhhs!! hugs*