Friday, November 26, 2010


i usually don't join giveaways, because i always feel like i'd never win em' lol, but lisa is having a wonderfulllll giveaway! the beauty diary masks set totally intrigued me! join her giveaway, babes, if you havn't seen it already!!!




Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving, loves!!
wishing all of you and your loved ones a warm day and weekend with lots of good food and good company!

i am thankful for my family
my girlfriends
my boyfriend
my friends
the roof over my head
the food in my tummy
and the water i get to drink
and esp thankful to have the $ for luxuries such as..

make up, nail polishes, clothes, shoes, and beauty blogging!!

and last, but not least i am thankful for all of you who take the time to care/read my blog posts!



Wednesday, November 24, 2010

r&r blushers restocked! & promo codes!

r&r blushers restocked on website!! check it out!!! and purchase yours! check out my earlier post for the wonderful discount!!

note: i don't get anything out of this..only if it's an actual 75 dollars or more purchase, but i just want you babes to know the good deal!! 18 for two blushers or 60 for 4 blushers are too good a deal to pass up!

happy shopping!!


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Monday, November 15, 2010


are you ready for some major eye candies?! i bought two rock and republic blushers a while back from and they were retail for $40, but i got em' for $20 off their site, but after receiving and using them, i was hooked!!! i wanted to get more, but waited patiently for another sale and lo and has a sale for them for even more inexpensive! instead of $20 for one, it was $18 for two!

i was reading through blogs and was on cambo's blog and she put up a link on how to get them with a discounted price! i knew about the 50% off code, but with the $25 dollars new account credit, it helped out a lot! and shipping for their site is only .99 cents for now!

here are a few images of what they look like.. (taken with my iphone)
i don't know why, but blogger automatically flips my pictures :(

they come in a nice, thick cardboard packaging with the R&R logos

the outside of the casing

top: shameless bottom: bedroom

top: seduce bottom: kinky

the R&R site are usually sold out, but they do restock fully every other week or so, so just check in when you can and grab these yourself! i swear, for the quality (great pigmentation and texture) of the blusher and the packaging, you will not regret the's really a luxury, and the compact mirror is so chiq!

1. go on the site and add the blushers to your cart, it says $75 dollars minimum of purchase (2 blushers minimum $80)

2. register to the site and use my referral link for an automatic $25 dollars credited to your purchase at check out

3. and at the end of checkout use the code "ROCKCOSMETICS" and you will automatically receive 50% off the entire purchase, making the order out to be really low

that's how i was able to receive two blushers in "seduce" and "shamless" for only $18 with shipping and tax included..i got the referral off cambo's link, so i am passing on the word!

definitely too good a deal to pass up if you a blusher/make up fanatic!



Wednesday, November 3, 2010

halloween 10'

this year for halloween, instead of going out clubbing like we always do we decided to chill out and go to a party :) only half the girlfriends were able to make it because the other half are grannies!! lol jk..or not..

but being around my girlfriends always makes me feel comforted and relaxed..we always have a good time when we're around each other and i'm so glad to have them around to share each and every single holiday/special occasion with me


i ate a big mac meal before this..baddd idea for the tummy and for the throwing up..fml


sorry i've been so lazy to narrate and post up all pictures at once, but i just felt like that was too overwhelming and too much for you all! i know visual stimulation is always better than having to read things! :) how was all of your halloweens!?! ready for thanksgiving yet?! turkey time! then it's christmas! time really flies sooo quickly! til the next one!