Tuesday, October 26, 2010


over the past weekend i went to vegassss with my loves! it was originally a plan we made with three other blogger babes, but in the end only half of us were able to make it..

it was the best time of my life! open bars, free drinks, free admission to clubs..it is niceeee going with a group of girls in vegas cause' girls are preferred over guys! drinks after drinks and buffets after buffets...i am so glad i shared these memories with you two, babes!!! i love you both!!!

there were too many pictures to post so i just picked 5 and included a link down below to the whole album..can't wait to go again next spring for xtina's and my birthdays!!

p.s. buffet of buffets is the best! 39.99 for a wristband that allows you into 7 buffets for 24 hrs...it's basically eat til you die! if you are a foodie i highly recommend it...and the f21 at the fashion show mall there is HUGEEEE! def recommend those things!

click here for rest of album!!

hope you enjoyed!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

nail polish fever!

soooo excited for china glaze holiday 2010 collection coming out end of this month or in november at my local beauty supply store!!!

and then by january of next year....OPI "katy perry" collection! all gorgeous colors and OPI's FIRST "black shatter" which is a polish when painted on the nails creates a shattered like effect!!! sooo cool! barry m has made one like this, but for those like myself in the U.S. we can now have access to it, in OPI formulation! i just wanted to faint when i saw this! sooo awesome!

the serena williams colors...with a lime green and shattered black set!

being the nail polish addict that i am...i am excitedddd for this!!!
hope you all are, too!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

24 hr foodie adventure with my twin!

hi loves!
this post is super random, but I just wanted to share all the yummy foods!! I usually eat a lot daily, but once in a while my foodie twin aka xtina and I would go on foodie adventures! :) this time we did a full 24 hours of foods!! here goes... be prepared to be hungry!!

130 am in the morning, we were up texting each other and decided we were both hungry and went to a 24 hours Mexican shop and had some carne asada fries, carne asada tacos and some horchatas to chase em down! dies* then we went home and slept...

woke up the next day.. went for our brazilian waxes and then headed for some beef stew cause it was cold out

beef stew with noodles and bread on the side and fresh coconut juice..soo good! we wanted bread on the side and the waitress said "you guys only need one bread" little does she know..

all done! we proved her wrong! lol

then we headed for our pedicures and had some baskin Robbins while we waited..

my caramel crunch malt

then we met up with my boyfriend and his brother for some sushi dinner with some sake :)

we were all so full afterwards and wanted to try out the boyfriends new toy at the firing line! it was my first time shooting a gun! so much adrenaline and fun!

xtina is a sharp shooter!!!

my turn! :) and The boyfriend dyed my hair blue, black the night before, that's why it looks extra shiny, I think dying the hair makes it shinier

then we worked up an appetite and decided to end the night with some pastries and some milk teas!

that was our random foodie day!!! hope you got some ideas of what to eat next! ;)


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Thursday, October 14, 2010


whispers* just dooo it :D
i've heard so much rave about eve pearl so since this sale on beautystory.com is going on for the next 48 hours, why not?! happy shopping!!

i suggest their salmon concealers, eyeshadow quads (which are tiny, but nice), and the thin pen liquid eyeliner

i also picked up the dark eyelash glue to try out and some false eyelashes...
have fun ordering! my make up no buy plan failed, but i'm so excited!
if the products are good, i'll do a blog post

happy thursday, loves!


Saturday, October 9, 2010


hi loves!
i wanted to share with you some my favorite lippie of the month! or should i say of the fall/winter season..it's an oldie, permanent color from mac, but i can't believe i've never noticed it! it's an "amplified" so it's def moisturizing and glossy and doesn't require any gloss :) it's good with a smokey eye or a neutral eye...the color is...


a mixture of purple, fuchsia and pink!

i swatched this with my iphone camera really quick..it's much more pretty in person
excuse the wet hair :l here is a FOTD with me wearing "up the amp" i did a simple purple smokey eye look with some taiwanese "show time" false lashes..wearing R&R blusher in "bedroom" and finished the look off with the lippie! and i have absolutely noooo gloss on and no chapstick either..and it's THAT shiny! check it out next time you're at the mac stand!

i was asked to take some shots wearing my new "lila" boots from bakers...so i took the opp. to wear em out and model em
this is when i folded the flap of the boots over to make em knee highs

when i fold the flaps up, then they instantly become thigh highs!

left: fold over, right: not folded over

reviews of the boots:
they are 5 inch heels so it is quite high...the wear is very comfortable and as you can tell i have thick thighs and they fit comfortably around my trunks...i was able to slip em on and take em off in a breeze with no struggles...the only part that needed adjustment was the balls of my feet..it did hurt a bit because it creates a downward slope like most heels do, so the pressure is on the balls of the foot and causes a discomfort, but i will go get a dr. scholl's gel insert for some cushion and that should fix the problem..otherwise the boots are very nice considering they are at such an inexpensive price :) hope you guys like em if you do decide to snatch a pair!!

and lastly a random gift from the boyfriend...he is such a sweet man and he spoils me rotten day in and day out and i love him for it even though i never dare ask him for things..but whenever he buys himself things he always wants to buy me something, too..here is a simple black dress with a chain necklace on the neckline and has a round cut in the back..perfect with tights and some boots or just bare legged with some pumps...dresses like these are great for the cold season coming up because you can layer em with scarves or with a jacket on top...very versatile since the style is simple and the color is solid :)

hope you enjoyed this really random blog...so far my no twittering is killing me because i feel like a piece of me is missing and i have so much free time in a day (as sick as that sounds), but i definitely feel more productive! i miss all you, babes! i will try to blog more often to make up for it...i'm working on my nail polish collection post...let me tell you, swatching 3809482984923 polishes is not easy work lol but soon enough! you will be overwhelmed with shiny goodies! hope you're all having a lovely weekend!



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

new loves

I found the cutest, most comfortable pair of knee high boots! they're from bakers called the "Lila" and if you are a size 5-5.5 they only have that size available and the BEST part is they're half off! only 69.99!!!! grab em now! online or at the store! they can be worn thigh high or if you flip the top over then they're knee highs! super versatile! comes in grey and black!

in the picture top one is folded over and bottom one is left unfolded.. I recommend to try em in stores to make sure they're not too loose or not to snug :) let me know if you order! enjoy!!


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Monday, October 4, 2010


hi dolls!
sorry i can't keep up with the 30 days challenge anymore..life is busy and i don't feel comfortable with a lot of the following prompts because it was getting too personal and i didn't want to lay things out on the table :) just in case you wonder what happened to it! lol but in the meantime i'll still be posting up random beauty related posts and such. after over a year of twittering i decided it's time to quit..due to personal reasons..so if you need to reach me just email me at tran.xgiang@gmail.com or find me on fb! i'll be updating on there from time to time! hope you all are staying warm, cali weather just decided to go from 110 degrees of hotness to 65 degrees with rain. :( mwahs! love you, all! and thanks for always supporting and commenting! nothing but love and appreciation for you!


Friday, October 1, 2010

30 days blog challenge: DAY 8 & 9

i decided to put day 8 and day 9 together cause they're short prompts :)

today's prompt:

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why.

-save money

-stop buying make up..i don't need anymore

-finish up a lot of beauty products

-wear make up more often, instead of twice a week, i'll bump it up to four days a week

-finish up two more love packs, i won't stop until i have spread my love to everyone that i love and anyone that deserves the reciprocity

-get readings done

-work out (lose some lbs. by vegas time at the end of oct.)

-spend more time with my sister, mom and dad

-eat less carbs...HAH this one is a "goal," but i'm not saying it was going to be realistic!

-drink less soda (dr. pepper to be exact)

that is all for now! can't think of anymore at the top of my head, but those are the ones i'm trying to strive for currently

Day 09- Something/someone you’re proud of.

i am proud of my baby sister, anna :)

i rarely speak about her on my blog because she is rather a private person...however i am extremely proud of her for being a well behaved 17 year old. she's always been my little follower and i've always been the big sister that protects her, she never argues with me and she respects me..and i respect her just the same..she is spoiled rotten by the whole family, but she never asks for anything..she never gives me parents trouble and is very level headed..after our first fight in the whole history of our sisterhood, she handled the whole thing like an adult and now we are stronger than ever..she is going to be attending fidm after this graduates this year, but she also wants to attend a cal state because she doesn't want to be far away from my parents...i just feel so proud when i look at her and realize that she's grown so much and is such a good kid..i hope she doesn't read this, otherwise she'd get a big head ;) jk lol

excuse the boring and brief posts, i feel so uninspired today and tired..will see you babes in the next one and thanks so much for reading and commenting as always, you all don't know how much it makes my day when i receive your comments and hear about your stories, too!!! mwahs!!!!