Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Just this pass weekend SUSYNESSSSS came to townnnnn!!!! we've been planning to meet up with her! i only get to speak to her on twitter, but never go to meet and hang in real life, so this was the perfect oppportunity! we got ready, xtina and i, and drove to the la area to meet susyness, angelique and tifffy at club avalon! it was house music, felix da housecat was playing that night, i had no idea who he was, but was down to play cause of my babes :)))

mahjahhhh cam whoring..and this is only from one camera! angelique has a million more pictures

pretty babbbiess!! susyyyyy, SO CAL NEEDS YOU NOW!!!!!! it's a quarter after one, i'm a little drunk and i needddd you nowwww

hahahahahahaaha the shirtless, viet guy who kept following us around all night, and asking susy "hey guh wat et your nattt cionnnnn aaaaa laaaa teaaaa? u kowean?" "no" "u suhhhhh?" ahahahahaha sooo funny, i couldn't help, but laugh everytime i saw him, i don't blame him, susy is HOTTTT


this guy was tripppppppinnnnnn on E

angelique getting caught snapping a picture!
susy's friend was so nice! then there is that lady next to him, who kept wiggling her damnnnn toes!!!!!!!! i wanted to tickle em

james!! susy's cute friend! wanted to take off his shirt, too!
those ppls in the back of us are feeling goooooood

it wasn't my type of music, cause there was no booty popping, butttttt nonethelesss, i'd do it anyday, anytime for my babes!!!! i heart you all!!!!! esp susynessss for making the trip down here! can't wait til you move her so we can playyyyyyy!

then the day afterwards, angela invited us over for a bbq at her house! her husband, daughter gia bear and her are suchhhh loving people!!! they are great hosts who just wanted everyone to eattttt and get drunk!! my kinda people!!! it was so much fun! we ate tacos with beef, chicken and mahi...had lots of shots of jack and more shots and played dresss up in angela's room with her shoes and clothes and watch gia bear model her mom's clothes
i want to be like her, drink allllll my double shots with NO chasers!!!! STRAIGHT UP G!!!! loveher! she cracks me up!

six babes and a babbbbyyyy, i love this picture!!!

xtina and ria, hearts!

these shots were NOOO joke!

thanks so much for having us over angela!! you and d are bombbbb digggittyyy! mwahhhhs!

that is all for now...i needed to get those down, so that i can start doing beauty products again..so many backed up stuff that needs to be swatched and reviewed..i just find these post so much more easier than the other beauty ones...will get back on track, promise!!!

til the next timeeeeeeeee



soooo after a month of planning, we all got together again for some outlet shopping and a sleepover day!!! with alochols and lottttts of foodies! cause you know beauty babes and grubs goes hand in hand!!!!! we started off bright and early at 9am, i picked up diana and we headed to xtina's house to pick up xtina and ria...then we headed to the boonies to pick up baby ko iyah!!!

after an hour ride...we found her at her gate ahahhaha then we headed to cabazon outlet to check out some stores, espppp the CCO, buttt sadly, there was nothing that stood out :(

we always have a dress code, lame, but we do!!! VNECKS and SHORTS!!! VS SLUG VNECKS CRAZIESSSSS! throws up gangstah fingers*

twinsies #1, me and ria and ria's longggg seshiiii legs

twinsies set #2, baby ko iyah and xtina

ria trying on some shoes for her nursing program, so proud of her!! work it, babe!!!
lol, as she was looking for shoes, we all busted out our phones n started to twitter!!!
leaving CABAZON!!!
hahahah stuffed my back seat to give xtina and angelique a ride to her car, lmao at angelique's expression!!
diana and iyah!!!

then we headed to costco to pick up some liquor and snacks and got a room with a king size bed at the ramada..it was last minute so we just busted a mission impossible...and also picked up some BOILING CRAB CAJUN SHABANG GOODNESS TO GO!!!

stirring up poisons ahahhaha

mmmm mmmm goooood, only if blogger has smello-vision!!!
5 lbs of shrimps n corn, medium spicy sha bang style!
cajun fries, cajun fries and sweeet potatoe fries
ready to eat!!!

then we all changed into your hk pjs...here is me and my stuffed HK strawbehreeeeh trying to attacked iyahs vaggie lmao
jabawockees! with the REAL DEAL BEAUTY DIARY MASKS!

hummus, spinach dip, chips and stella rosa wine!!!
grey vneck twinsies and hk fleece shorts!
funny story, my sweet boyfriend was down the streeet and dropped us off some ice cream AND mini matches set!!! so we could all pooh and light some matches to kill the smells!!!!! so sweet of him, i love u, baby, if you are reading this! u saved us from being stinky
BALLLLLLS bought by iyah and vietnamese tamarind bought by me
the circle of masks!!!! lol thanks baby ko!!

as if allll that good and liquor wasn't enough, it was 3am, and we had to to go M&M donuts and get a dozen blueberyyyyyyy!

after a night's rest, we were all up and ready to go!!!! mitsuwa market in costa mesa for some santouka ramen!!!!

getting ready!
we packed the car well!

such ladiessss we are! lol

thanks so much angelique for the champagnes!!!!! so yummmmski! so good, i drank 2/3 that bottle to myself a few days later!!!! lol

spicy misos and ramens allll around, bestttt ramen ever!!!

ready to eat!
diana's spicy miso with tamago!!! i got the same exact thing :)
baby ko's first time eating ramen :D slurp slurp*

then we shopped around mitsuwa market for some snacks and aloe vera juice

bidding farewellllll!!!! xtina had to go to work, angelique had to beat traffic back home, diana had to go to school, so ria, iyah and i were left to shop around a little bit and get some tastea boba drinks...

overall, it was a funnnnn two days!!! i can't wait until we hang again for vegas in oct., anyone who wants to join us and get down, you are MORE than welcome to!!! i heart all you babes so much! thanks for all being so unique in your own ways and so kind hearted!!!! it's hard to come across real, considerate people and i thank you for all the smiles, laughters and can't forget....PERVERTEDNEESSESES!

MILLION BESOSSSS*** from me and strawbehhhrehhh ;)