Friday, July 23, 2010


i was so excited to use my naked palette and tonight is the perfect occasion since i'm going out to my girlfriend's place for a potluck!

warning: major cam whoringgggg


on face:
cheeks: mac's "love rock"
contour: smashbox "sun matte"


"side car" and "half baked" on lids
"naked" to blend out edges
"darkhorse" for crease
and "virgin" for highlight
and inner corner highlight with my favorite! "kilamanjaro" by nars

"showtime" taiwanese lashes sent by chefcaffy! i loveeeeee these!!!!

l'oreal voluminous mascara for lower lashes
mac's "feline" kohl pencil for lower lash line
"side car" for lower lash line

wet and wild "just peachy lippie"
and lots of "02 strawberry whip" canmake lipgloss on top! i love it, may! i'm addicted!

the rest of the pictures below are of me being sillllllllllly

on nails: china glaze "dorothy who?" blue version of "ruby pumps"

i loveeee these lashes! they are sooo dramatic and LIGHTTTT

looks like strawberry milkkkkk shake!

this is where i'll carry it all night

hope you enjoyed!
i'll do more posts of EOTD with this palette

have a happy weekend everyone!!!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


gahhhhh!!! finallly it is here!!! shimmmies*
i saw this on temptalia and her "A" rating and i knew i had to have it, but unfortunately it was sold out, then a few days later i was told on twitter that it was restocked on and i had to hop on it!!!! and i must say.....gorgeoussss.

special thanks to the boyfriend who spoils me rotten :)

let's not talk anymore and get to some picture porn of this palette

i took quick shots of all these pictures under yellow lighting and no flash...everything is on macro setting so the colors are what they are WITHOUT flash...


BOYFRIEND SAID THE PALETTE IS NICE, TOO! this photo here was taken on his iphone 4, the shades are superrrr vibrant and this is with LED flash alone!

NAKED IT REALLLLY NAKED lmao it blended into my skin! all these shades are sooo awesome, and comparable to a lot of MAC shades

OVERALL, i give this palette an A+, also! 12 shadows, 2 mattes, 2 glitters and the rest shimmers...a mini UDPP, and a double ended eyeliner with brown on one end and black on one end! it's really the best of all "neutrals" world...i own the ammo palette, sustainable palette and book of shadows, but this one is by far my favorite! from the velvet exterior to the way everything is placed..and also because the name is NAKEDDDDDD ;)

the colors are soooo pigmented, all the swatches above were ONE swipe!

i know it's sold out on and, but just sign up for notification of restock through email and i'm sure it'll restock..i heard it's a permanent item *crosses fingers* but the sooner you get it, the happier you'll be :)

i almost forgot a FOTD i did before going to the bloggers meetup the other day using taiwanese lashes that chefcaffy got my and my FIRST canmake gloss that may sent me!!! i love it, babes!

i loveeee taiwanese lashes, i never wanna use red cherrys or mac or any other brands ever again! the bands on them are superrrr thin and the lashes are sooo soft and full! even when they're the dramatic kind you DO NOT feel em weighing down on your eyelids like other lashes do!

canmake gloss is loveeee! it's like a mac creamsheen, but wayyyy more pigmented and way better in color choices and pricing :)

i'm wearing #02 "strawberry whip"
i'm going to have to buy the other four shades
may sent me the link to buy em!


i love em sooo much, thanks for popping my canmake cherry, may!

that is all for now!
i rarely do blog reviews, but only when i'm really excited about sharing something..
hope you all enjoyed!
have a happy week, it's almost the weekends again!

and p.s. i got a comment on my blog earlier saying something along the lines of
"why are you always so happy, dont you think you're being fake" blah blah blah blah

i wasn't going to acknowledge it, but i thought, hey!! whyyyyy efffing not!

my response to that comment:
well, let's see...i am as happy as i sound on my blog. i have days where i feel moody, shitty, want to kick someone in the shin and sucker punch someone's face, but who doesn't? however, i don't believe i should bring any of that negativity into my blog...that stuff is all personal..this is strictly for the fun of things..blogging, make up reviewing, camera whoring, SHOOTING THE SHIT. so why does it matter if i'm "HAPPY" or not. seriously. if any of you knew me outside, you would know i'm eccentric, wierd, and super, overly ecstatic about everything! anyday that i allow anyone to bring me down is the day that i am defeated. i keep smiling because life goes on and frowns don't solve anything. so there is the answer to that "anonymous" comment. no sarcasm intended* bahahhaa

other than that, until next time, bellas!!!




hi beauties!!

so the blogger babes and i decided to have a meet up day to eat and hang out and grab some drinks! all these ladies are so much fun to be around! we just eat, shoot the shit and laugh til our cheeks hurt!!!

as always we go to guppys..i swear it's a tradition to go here!!! lol just for the brick toast :)
we went to the guppys in irvine at the jamboree plaza this time!

RIA, XTINA, ME, & DIANA...IYAH AND JULI on the right

tried the chocolate brick toast this time, it wasn't as good as the OG coconut one, kinda too burnt and bitter, but the strawberries were deriiicious!

met a new blogger babe!! diana aka paperdollreveng, she is VIET, took me the whole night to figure it out and she lives right next to me!!!! so nice to have met you, doll! you're a gem :)

beautiful ladies, ria and xtina :)

aweee jordon and juli
we're gonna trick him into eating seafood one day!

babyyyy iyah and her ninja hubby francis

juli and iyah

cutting the coconut brick toast, so good with vanilla ice cream on the side!

group shot outside of guppys

then we headed to KULA!!! revolving sushi bar! the sushi were only 2 dollars a plate and it was yummmmy, i think it was because i was famished! we all were! i swear we all ate like 60 plates!
keep em stacking!

then it was off to YARDHOUSE at the IRVINE SPECTRUM
happy hours means happpppy us!
so many martini choices and ria's boo, dave, introduced us to belgian beer! gaulden draak in a goblet! it was sooo delicious and superrrr strong! i highly recommend it!

gobstopper and bikini tini

sweet tart with my partner in crime

sooooo precious!

xtina and her sweet tooth!
trio sampler for dessert
chocolate souffle, creme brulee and peach cobbler

goblets club

red faced and happy outside of yardhouse!

so much fun! i can't wait to see you babes this weekend for our brazilians, k spa and some mayhem at downtownnnn fullerton!!!!
heart you, all!!!



Tuesday, July 20, 2010



i am one lucky biatchhhhh!!!
when i give, i never expect anythinggg in return because i really like to brighten other peoples' days, but when it comes to my beauty babes, i am alwayyyys spoiled!
they always bomb me x's 3948902348248239

these are love packs i've received in the last two weeks and i just want to give them the exposure they deserve!

first off! pack sent to me by NINJA LULU
she is sooooo sweet and the funniest person!!! i can't wait to meet her one of these days, we share so much common interests and we're both nerdy ;) thank you sooo much, babes! hugs* i finished the snacks all in two sittings and am enjoying the almond korres body wash sooo much everyday!

she's such a NINJA! she does things when you least expect, i got this pack without even knowing she was going to send me one! MATCHING hk jewelries, body wash, her infamous match green milk tea and lots of HK sweet snacks!

oh my god, my favoriteeeee YOUTUBE GURU!!! i dont think she wants me to call her that, but she is the funnnniest person!!! i loveee watching each and everyone of her hauls, cooking tutorials and esp. the drunken relationships rants!! lmao. only if she lived closer, we would be bffs!!!! thank you so much caffy! i can't wait to get all the stuff together to bomb you back with some a love pack!!

taiwanese lashes galore!!! i've always wanted to try cause they always look so damn good on her and she sent me ones that are soooooo nice..the bands are thin and the lashes are super soft and light, makes me feel like i'm not wearing anything! she included some extra goodies, i love everything, cathy!!!

up close shots of the lashes (pics taken with my iphone)

LAST PACK! but definitely not least, MAYYYYY!!!!
she is the MASK QUEEEEN!!! thank you so much babes!
i love everythinggg! the perfume smells amazing and my FIRST canmake lipgloss, you got me addicted to em now! going to order all the other colors for sure!!
i'm so excited to meet you and lulu some time this year so we can all shop, eat, and joke around together!!! mwahhhs!

i am so blessed to have two handful of lovely blogger babes that i talk to daily who i can share excitements with and even hardships and mood swings and foooodieees!!

i love you allll!
million besos!