Sunday, June 20, 2010


hi beauties!
finally had time to do the randomorg thing ma jig for the mini giveaway winner..just wanted to post some camera whoring pictures from the last weekend as usual :)

happpy birthday, jenny!!! when you have a group of girlfriends, feels like there is at least a birthday every month! or everyones' birthdays are all at once..

saturday night, we were suppose to go to la for some dinner and clubbing, but plans changed last minute so we stayed local and went to dinner and bar hopping in fullerton..

i think it's become tradition that everyone asks me to glam em up for their birthday
jenny wanted a "barbie" glam look with dramatic eyes and thick falsies so here is what i ended up painting ahahha

it started out as smokey purples, but then i packed on some mac hot pink reflects glitters and this look came together
i loveee reflect glitters! going to go back to mac pro to pick up some more..esp the multi colored one

funny story, so i removed the red cherry falsies and were about to add glue to em and one blew away! and we searched long and hard and could find one out of the two..fml moment, sooo i took a bunch of my lashes and used a set of lashes (that werent thick enough) and cut up parts of other lashes and glued em on top of the strip of thin lashes and made thickkkk, flirty lashes in the end! voila! pats self on back* total DIY in 5 quick mins! and towards the end when i was putting things away, i found the lashes stuck on top of the make up case..ahahahaa

my FOTN, just b.e. nude beach shimmer loose shadow on the lid and carbon on crease and vanilla to highlight..some bronzer to contour and mac's "rock rock" & "dollymix" blusher and on my new favoriteeee lippie...wet and wild "mauve outta here" sooo gorgg with some clear gloss ontop

wearing the earrings d got me :)

we got done getting ready early so camera whoring it was!

had to crop myself out, i'm the stalker in the back seat ahha

fat ass!

this is me, in my natural state, minus all the glam and forced posing, i am eccentric and loud!

they look like twins! but theyre cousins

my one session of tanning paid off

baby pink bottle of sayuri nigori..sooo delicious
salmon sashimi

chomps trio, with beef, chicken and shrimps, veggies and good, i recommend this dish

rainbow rolls
crunchy shrimp rolls

allllll this food, for 4 girls!!! and i ate 35 percent of it ahhaha

my favorite: spicy tuna rolls

i loved this thing, just simple cucumbers, tuna and spicy mustard sauce

birthday cake time!!!
at this point she is feeeelinggggg the liquor

pretty cake with fresh roses on top :)

birthday princesss
i love them

i love u like a fat kid loves cake
you can never go wrong with some make up as a present :) good job, cf!
finishing her cocktail
first we went to churchhhh
but there were so many old geasers

ahahhah saw the sign fidelity and thought it was funny
big l came by!
at revoluccion!

shot number 34829384923482

baby vi, alcoholic in training..she's hanging with the right people :)
hot sisters!
golden blossom ;)
aahah leaving this place to head to matador, but waiting by the atm machine for ppls to tinkle
love my friends..i try my best to make everyone feel as beautiful and as important as they should always feel..when i see my girls happy, i am happy

at feet was starting to hurt, damn those pumps, thanks, cf for giving me ur gel inserts! she actually took the inserts out of her shoes and gave em to me to use..that is love

uh ohhhh drunken timeees

can't wait for ur 21st, be!!!
goneeeeeeee! mission successful!!

got some pho with the bf afterwards, i didn't eat because i was stuffed, but i sat and watched him eat...

again, wish all your wishes came true, jennio! and that you had a good time! mwahs!





if my CONTEST ENTRY counting is correct the winner is...

congrats, babes! lucky number 5!
please email me at TRAN.XGIANG@GMAIL.COM.. your address where i can send this package to and all your info.

thanks to everyone else who entered, i really enjoyed all the entries and appreciate you all!! i'll be having more in the future! :)

til the next time!

nothing but love