Sunday, May 30, 2010


hi beauties!
hope all of you are well!
beauty no buy month is overrrr! so i celebrated with a mini to the beach haul, i limited myself to things i don't already have and only to the "necessary"
my girlfriend linda graduated from csulb over the weekend and we attended..
congrats, babes! u made itt!! love u!

went on a double date with xtina and her boyfriend
they always crack me up
we had some dinner at market broiler at the block
delicious food, cosmos, and dessert
afterwards we went for some sweets in heaven and to watch sex and the city 2!!

boyfriend loves his hef

crab and artichoke dip, i highly recommend

heart her! my beauty/hello kitty/drinking junkie

love her heels, so SATC appropriate ahahha feeding the giraffe

boyfriend kept telling everyone, "she just got out of prison" cause i was taking pictures of everything 0___0

i seeee hk!

it was overall a funnny movie..i really enjoyed it, clothes, fashion, shoes, girlfriends and love :)
the boyfriends liked it, too

thanks so much to juli!!! she sent me an eye mask sample and included some goodies with it!
thanks sooo much, babes! :)
expect my pack by the end of this week in the mail!

the eye mask feels so nice one and smells like lychee, and she included some extra goodies, thanks again, love!! you're too sweet

i've been wanting this polish for a month now, but finally off the make up no buy so i snatched these at walmart, they only had two left, have to look for more of them to send out to my beauty babes..
rimmel "steel grey"

to the beach!! i only got a few items that were must haves

my girlfriend shell, gifted me with this clinique "long lasting" gloss in "air kiss" while i was on my make up no buy :) thanks, babes!

cream bronzer in "weekend" because it is quite sheer and i am quite dark, so "beach bronze" didn't show on me, had to exchange for "weekend," it looks dark, but when on the skin it's sheer, "marine life" of course!! it's too pretty, i used it once and half the gold overspray is already gone :) but it is a gorgeous highlighter/blusher, and "flurry of fun" lipglass, i usually don't prefer mac lipglass because of the stickiness, but this orangey color is too gorgeous to pass up! it has multi reflects on it..will do a FOTD with all these products during this week and swatches, too
new heels of the month..i couldn't pass em' up, i saw em and thought they were too high, slept two days and then went back for them ahahah i have no buyer's remorse

sneak peek to giveaway!!! ;) visited imperial beauty supply and picked these babies up

discovered beauty zone which is way closer to boyfriend's house and they just put up a new opi rack *picture above* and it's 4 a bottle, but if you buy more than 6 bottles then it's 3.75 each..they have all colors from the classic line :) thanks, may for telling me there's 104 colors in the classic line..i need 50 more! i am seriously a nail polish addict :l

hope all is well!
i finally got all the stuff for my mini giveaway together!
will take pictures and post up next!!
i'm also going to a nail polish collection post, too..all my must have, staple colors..
can never have too many varnishes!

hellllo to all the new followers. lovelove!
thanks for coming by and leaving sweet comments



my boyfriend's cousin is a little sweetheart.
she is a sophomore in high school and goes to a lot of school dances and formal events...
everytime i do her makeup it reminds me of the high school days
i wouldn't want to repeat high school again, but it was good while it was happening
the school dances, the first boyfriend, the wanting independence and to be popular
all of the clicks and all of the same routines being repeated again everyday
it's what memories are made of!
to be young again!!
having no worries in the world, school is super easy and life is not at all stressful..

i usually have done her makeup a lot in the past, but i never documented any..
along with all the other faces i paint, i often forget to snap the moment

here are two looks, one from a banquet she attended and another for a "luau" event

(same foundation routine for both events)
for this look i wanted to do a neutral, daytime appropriate look since she was wearing white i decided brown would look nice

for this look i wanted to add lots of bronzer and highlighter to give her a luau appropriate glow..i also ended up waving her hair and fixing her skirt, i felt so motherly :) she looked so adorable

hope you beauties enjoyed!

p.s. i am IN NO WAY a professional, this is just what i like to do for leisure :)



Sunday, May 9, 2010


just want to blog really quick and say happy mother's day to all of you who are mommies or have mommies :))))) enjoy your day, not just today, but all 365 days of the year! you guys are all wonderful, amazing people who give life and deserve all the best!

i am on a make up no buy month with may, iyah, lulu and edna...

it is only day 9 out of 31 and i survived going to mac pro today and not buying anything
the viva cindy was staring at me!
and couldn't buy nail polishes either!!! imperial beauty supply, i miss you!

it was a relaxing day today, went to go get the mani and pedi and some shopping with cf shellie.. we're eying LV bags, will go by the end of the month and splurge shop on an LV :)

TWITPICs (since my sidebar twitpic is cooooky)

got some belated mac from vi :) she's so darling, i couldn't buy m/u, but god answered my prays i can't wait to use em! thanks, vi!

nails :)
toes :)
superrrr cheap stila at nordstorm rack..only 5-6 dollars for a product, but i had to walk away.. :(
so i bought some snack skin, previews heels instead..buying shoes two weeks in a row :l

that is all for now, babes! i'm still working out the summer beach bod! and my giveaway prizes are still lost somewhere in postal universe all the way from china! gahhhh! i want to do the giveaway asa NOW! ok, lovelove



Monday, May 3, 2010


WARNING: this post is picture heavyyyy! there was lots of cam whoring going around

hi loves!
how are all of you?! i hope great! finally, no more rain and cold weather and the sun is out and shining in CA again!! it's def. shorts, rompers, floral dresses weather..take a stroll at the pier or park with an ice cream cone in one hand and your purse in the other! :) love this time of year! where is it's not too hot and not too cold, but just right..i have to take summer school, i dread it sooooo! aside from that moving on to my post..

we got together, girls' night out, and headed to la, away from our orange county comfort zone, we had some dinner at pink taco in century city mall plaza...i originally really wanted to go to "the stinking rose," but they did not take reservations for large parties on weekends, wth, they're we planned on going here since we didn't get to eat at the pink taco in vegas last month. :) the decor was pretty nice, mexican mixed with dark, rock, vampire, dominatrix? lol that's how i would describe it...the theme was just spring theme, any color dresses and patterns, but no black..i stepped away from my comfort "hennessey" zone and had clear stuff all night..since it was a mexican restaurant it was ONLY suiting that we drank patron (or i would say Pah-chon) badddd idea..i paid for it that night and the next morning

here are lots of cam whoring action..

making sure my make up was in tact ;)

my bff driving me, i love her to pieces

being easily amused

chips and salsa, their guacamole is soooooo goooood, i usually don't like guac., but i ate so much of it

waiting for the other half of the girls

before the 3249849 shots, i was still normal color then it was downhill, tomato-red-face from here
beautiful christine x 2!! such sweethearts :)

and here we go...

can u tell i did not like it? chased patron shots with some more patron margarita.. :(
i loveeee this, cuppies!! she made me a frame and there's a slot for the girls, the bf, my 23rd and my potrait, i can't wait to fill this in, babes! every year she makes me a frame, i've accumulated a lot in my room. loves it!
they could all pass as being sisters, hold on the two on the right are sisters! ahhaa
mcweenerson, i love you
beautiful deekai, sandee pants, and CFs
getting our grub on..the food was exceptionally good ESP. the carne asada FAJITAS, i def. rec!

by this time i was buzzed and making a cheeeesy toast..patron+loud restaurant+more patron=louddddd me

how was ur ahi burrito babes?
i squealed soooo hard when i saw this cake! i really didn't want to eat it, thanks, babes!! you guys know me soooo well, best cake ever!
look at the little cute
32? or 23? ahha

making a wish. wishing harddd

"do we really have to cut it?!"

friends forever and a day.
the cake was soooooo good, just the right amount of sweetness, moist, and the fresh starwberries were yum!
ok, i am pretty much drunk at this point
she always makes me laugh out loud til i piss my pants

presents, asian style. :) i loveeee receiving cards and reading em' they're super sentimental to me, words are worth a million thoughts
thanks, babyloves!
i was so drunk, surprising i could stand on one leg
group shot, the ppl that took this for us said "tag us on facebook" lmao


our 15th birthday celebration together! she's always there next to me to watch me blow out my cake, i love her so much, she's like a sister to me, i would do anything for this bitch.
born in the same city, lived in the same neighborhood, i used to walk by her house when i was living in vietnam and wave to her, and now we're CFs :) there is such a thing as destiny
missing tiffie, sandee, christine and vi :(
she's beautiful inside and out, can't wait for her wedding! we're counting down the days!

jr. high sweethearts

i was just being a poser, i didn't want any of that clear crap
tienie, my cutie patootie, thanks for coming, love!
they cam whore so well

x-rated, it's her lap dancing time!
shoes :)

so many more that cannot be's too X-rated

so much fun, i can't thank you whores enough!

i am going on a no make up buy for this month of may and maybe a project 4 pan since for sure i can never do a 10 pan! it was iyah's pledge with other beauty babes and i thought it'd be a good staying away from the beauty counters for this month, let's see how much money i have left over by not buying any make up! :)

i'm still putting the giveaway together, i ordered something from china and it's taking weeks for it to come :( poooh china. i will have it up asap right when it arrives :) i filmed a blush application tutorial, but my camera's recording is so blurry, major failure.

and thank you so much for everyone who stops by to look at my blog and those who leave such sweet comments..i wish blogspot had a better commenting and replying system..this thing is so old school! so much love for you all.

til' the next time! lovelove