Thursday, April 22, 2010

FOTD (neutral, everyday look) & mini china glaze :)

this is the look i usually what i do when i go run errands or shopping around town
i recently picked up "blankety" lipstick by mac and i am in loveeeeeeeeee with it it's the nicest mauvy, nude's not too nude that it washes me out and it's not too's an amplified shade and it's super moisturizing and opaque and i loveee the texture! i also am loving "naked lunch" shadow by mac as a lid/inner corner color, i don't know how i didn't own it earlier!


MUFE "green" foundation primer
NARS sheer glow foundation in "barcelona"
MAC studio finish concealer in NW25
MUFE microfinishing powder
MAC "peachykeen" blush
MAC MSF in "refined" for highlighting of nose bridge and cheek bones
BENEFIT's "browzing" and LAURA MERCIER "brunette" brow pencil


MAC "painterly" painpot
MAC "naked lunch" on lid and inner corner
MAC "mulch" in crease
MAC "vanilla" for highlight
L'OREAL voluminous carbon mascara
STILA black smudge pot for upper liner
STILA "topaz" flesh toned colored eyeliner for lower lash line


MAC lipliner in "oak"
MAC lipstick in "blankety"
NARS lipgloss in "greek holiday" (fabbbb lipgloss)

i stopped by another beauty supply store and they had no essie and limited OPIs, BUTTT they did have MINI, babbby sized, CHINA GLAZES! look how cute the little bottle it! it's perfect if you don't use your nail polishes often because it comes with less amount, but the same full sized brush!

the color below is called "SEXY LADY" and i loveeee it! only needed one coat of it plus another coat of seche vite top coat and it's not streaky and so easy to work with and super shiny, even without the top coat :)



10561 Garden Grove Blvd.
Garden Grove, CA 92843
(714) 638-1801

they have lotssss of beauty supply and random things and esp. mini sized C.G. :)

newest addition to my nail polish family

CHINA GLAZE "TINSEL", OPI "NO SPAIN, NO GAIN" & "JADE IS THE NEW BLACK" and OPI "CORONATION" from DESIGNER SERIES (pretty glitter that reflects rainbows in sunlight or lighting)

I AM WORKING ON GATHERING THE GOODIES FOR MY BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY, will have it up by next weeek! hope you're all having a happy hump day! off to do some productive things now!
EDIT: [the giveaway will take longer than i thought since i ordered some stuff from online and it'll take a week or two :)]



Monday, April 19, 2010


so my boyfriend offers to take me on a random date last weekend...
we went to the irvine spectrum to grab dinner at the cheesecake factory and catch the improv afterwards...turns out he was trying to surprise me! we ate dinner and i went outside and some of my girfriends and some of his guy friends were outside with ice cream and flowers :) i was so shocked! i have never been surprised before because surprises make me feel awkward, but they got me goooood. my birthday isn't until april 27th, but they wanted to do an early surprise so i would be caught off guard and boyyyy was i caught off guard...they even made me go on a small stage and paid some random musician to sing happy birthday to me, and the people that were walking stopped and sang, i seriously felt like crying...crying of embarassment! lol thanks you, all! can't wait til' the real celebration in L.A. next weekend!

here's my quick FOTN

i used mac's "snob" lipstick and it realllly washed me out :l bleh

no flash, i am naturally tanned, year round...
w/ flash


MAC moisturizer
MUFE "green" hd primer
MUFE "hd foundation" in 128
MAC "studio finish" concealer in nw25
BENEFIT's "brow-zing" in dark
NARs "anjelika" blush
MAC's MSF in "perfect topping"
SMASHBOX "matte bronzer" in sunkissed tan?
MUFE "hd microfinishing" setting powder


UDPP e/s primer
lid: MAC "ricepaper"
crease: MAC "mystery"
highlight: MAC "blanc type"
blended out carbon's edge with a little bit of MAC "texture"
inner corner hightlight: MAC "vanilla" pigment
MAC "blacktrack" liner on top & bottom
MUFE "smokey lash" mascara
RED CHERRY #42 falsies and added some corner lashes for longer effect


softlips cherry chapstick
NYX lipliner in "rose"
MAC "snob" lippie
MAC "dazzleglass" in RAGS TO RICHES

cheesecake factory

waiting for my pina colada

garlic pasta with shrimp, soooo yum

PICs below taken with david's dslr

thanks girls!
i loveeeeeeeeeee ice cream cake, i could eat a whole one to myself, i had three slices of this in one seating lol it was praline flavor, soooo goooood
extremely happy
"i want to eat yoouuuu"
she couldn't wait til may 1st, so she gave me my present first, thankkks babes!

i love him, thanks, baby, you got me good!

that's all for now!
on my next post i'll do some of my favorite new products/collective make up/nail polish hauls



bare canvases

my friend david has a nice camera and i have never seen my make up done on a nice camera before so we got together one weekend and i asked my gfs to be my bare was a windy, chilly day at balboa beach, but the shots came out pretty nice..i wish i had more time and more faces to work with, but first time is for experimentation :) enjoy


Monday, April 12, 2010

happy birthday, britney ho! & FOTN!

hi loves!!!!
how are you?! i hope welllll!
can't believe it's aprilllll already! where has the time gone?!
i love april! it's going to be my birthdayyyy april 27th! i am gonna have a birthday giveaway! just because i feel like it :) will do that on the next post!
also, i did make up for two of my girlfriends today, and my friend david did a photoshoot for them at balboa beach, i'll post those once he gets done editing em', i'm really excited! i want to start a portfolio of my own..

over the weekend it was my boyfriend's lover's birthday, minh ho, but we call him britney ho cause he likes to sing britney spears' songs.
anyone that is close friends/best friends/brothers with my boyfriend is A-ok in my book
i treat my boyfriend's friends like they are my own girlfriends, teach em' about make up and can even sit around play poker with em' and listen to em' talk shit about who can be the dirtiest...
i really appreciate em', they're a great group of guys and any occasion where we can all get together and drink and eat and laugh is always a great one

britney ho,
i know you stalk my blog since you are THEE internet whore! lmao
this is HIM, literally! ahahhaa
this youtube vid. is a must watch, totally nailed it

happy birthday again, old geeser!
nothing, but love :)

onto some picture whoring! :)
we went to CITRYST saturday night for some drinks and yummy food
if you are ever in the OC area and what a nice lounge place to eat, drink, listen to music and eat some more, stop by here..
it's private and the food is yummmmmmmmm
they serve a lot of aphrodisiacs and yummy asian's located right in the heart of O.C. 5 mins. away from the boiling crab..we drank so many beers and ate so much food and cake til we couldn't eat anymore
my ride or die bitches, the ones in our group who are alwayys down to drink/party
the cao brothers and the birthday boy
we got britney ho a cake from GIVRAL BAKERY and the lady spelled 'britney' - "bridney" wth lmao he didn't seem to mind
ahhahaah he's 2! he was extremely excited

bromance at it's best

was gonna smell her tits ahhahaa
my bff and me
boyfriend and his brother :) i would say my "brother in law," but hahahahaha naht
someone couldn't wait for the knife and fork

the dish in the dead center is called "BLOODY CLAMS" it is a musttttttttttttttt try at this place...the clams are fresh and there's sauce and toppings on top of each one
snails anyone?
the fishsauce chicken wings and the shaken beef is good, also
couldn't wait for a fork, so he ate the whole thing with chopsticks! the cake was yummmm
lucky birthday boy

my boyfriend, the ultimate hater
tienie :) my cutieee patoootieeee, this chick rides a bike...that is badasss to me
guess whose?
super gay..
beautiful sandee and bff

then we got in the car and headed to the LOUNGE
it's a FULL BLOWN bikini bars where girls walk around in thongs and teeny bikini tops and serve you beers
all they have there are beers, high chairs, tables, and lots of pool tables
and lots of titties and asses, i forgot to take pictures, but if you want to have guys' night out or even girl's night out, come by here...the pool tables are fun!
someone is happpppy lol he stole shellie's ed hardy hat and called it his own
tiff and i rocked this game! jumble crossword has nothing on us nerds
cf is fighting for her hat bad
the infamous sisters in lawssss

heart you, NAHT!
he wanted to wear his new gift right away! you forgot your shorts!

TAQUERIA on springdale and westminster
open 24 hours
if you are drunk, buzzzed, throwing up, and hungry after a long night out
head here!
the tacos are like 89 cents each and there's steak or chicken and it's super yummy when you are hungry at the wee hours of the night


funny story, i was sitting in the back seat and wanted to snap a few shots of my FOTN and has to forewarn the gfs i was going to be vain for a few mins., then my bff says "YOU NEVER SMILE IN YOUR FOTDs" so in honor of her i smiled in one...totalllly hate it, makes my eyes look noticeable uneven, but whatevs :)


MAC moisturizer
MUFE "green" hd primer
MUFE "hd foundation" in 128
MAC "moisture select" concealer
BENEFIT's "brow-zing" in dark
LAURA MERCIER's "brow pencil" (for the ends) in brunette?
MAC "two virtues" mineralized blush
SMASHBOX "matte bronzer" in sunkissed tan?
MUFE "hd microfinishing" setting powder


UDPP e/s primer
lid: MAC "ricepaper"
crease: MAC "carbon"
highlight: MAC "blanc type"
blended out carbon's edge with a little bit of MAC "texture"
inner corner hightlight: MAC "vanilla" pigment
MAC "blacktrack" liner on top
MAC "smolder" liner on waterline
MUFE "smokey lash" mascara
RED CHERRY #42 falsies


softlips cherry chapstick
MAC lipliner in subculture
MAC viva glam gaga l/s
DIOR ultra shine gloss in the clear one

i've been doing make up, beauty, and clothing hauls, but so lazy to post pictures :/
blogspot needs to find a better format to picture uploading and placement ;(
ok, time to hit the sack again! can't believe it's manic monday again..boooooooo

see you lovelies in the next one!