Monday, March 29, 2010


hi loves!
i just got back from begasssss and am super tired and drained! i will have the giveaway winner posted up some time this week along with my begassss post! i just got a facebook, addd me! :) (giang tran) lovelove


Sunday, March 21, 2010


went out friday and sat night...the usual...girlfriends, henney, and good music :) and a face of the night that i snapped really quickly :) enjoy...


MAC moisturizer
MUFE green HD primer
MUFE HD foundation in #128
MAC studio concealer
MUFE microfinishing powder
brows- benefit's "brow-zing" in darkest shade
benefit's "high brow" to highlight brow bone
blush- mac's "pinch me" and "gentle" ontop of it
smashbox sunmatte bronzer for contouring
benefit's "high beam" on cheekbones and nosebridge

udpp e/s primer
mac's smokes and diamonds on lid
mac's carbon on crease
mac's texture to blend out edges
mac's ricepaper to highlight
mac's blacktrack for lining
red cherry lashes #74 wispies
stila kajal in onyx for water line
mac's parfait amour to line lash line
buxom lashes mascara

softlips chapstick
nyx lip liner in rose
YSL's lipstick in rouge pur #146
dior's lip maximizer gloss on top


CFs finally united! :) usually one is missing out of the three

we only drink henney...this single shot came out to be a double triple shot!

we order henney shots with coke chasers then we have henney and coke mixed to chase down all the shots lol the bartender probably thought "these little bitches are nuts!"

sunday school friend, annie!

the birthday cake was yummmm, i was drunk and ate a slice lmao

jimmy secretly wants to be a CF so he hates on the "chubby fingers"

group shot?


gotta make sure the lips on always on point! some dior love

better than pho, cf?

when you are drunk, taqueria on westminster and springdale is the business! taste just like it came outta tiajuana, mexico

ahahhaha he loves to cam whore

look at tiff's expression!

my knight and shining armor, came to rescue me, but too bad i barfed in his car :( sorry babes

BLEU (friday)

ahahahaha he has the pose down

the end!
i'm excited to pick the contest winner! thanks alll of you for entering so far! lovelove :)


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

beauty award tag & 2 questions tag

hiiii alll!
i hope you are all welllll! it feels like a while since i've blog, but then again not really.. lol just wanted to do a award tag blog post and a 3 questions tag i thought was interesting to do... :) thanks to diana and cindy for tagging me for the blog award, i've never gotten one of these, they're pretty fun! thanks pretty ladies! i havn't been doing much lately..just studying, eating out, and working out everyday for the past two weeks...going to have to start eating healthy now :( no more bad foods, i am extremely sad to say that...but vegas is next weekend, my birthday is end of next month, and my girlfriend's wedding is in four months so i have to get toned to look good as a bridesmaid...thanksssss so much to all of you who have entered the little giveaway i'm having so far, i wish i could give everyyyy something! will pick a winner next week! :)

here are the awards
i'm suppose to list 7 facts about myself

1. i am a neattttttt freak! everything i own has to be oraganized
2. i like to cleannnnnn, when things are dirty i clean, bf's room is dirty, i clean it, my room is dirty i clean it, other ppls' places are dirty, i clean it and when i am boredddd i willl clean..and it keeps going
3. i have to do laundry once a week, piled clothing stresses me out and believe it or not i enjoy laundry a lot! maybe because my mom forced me to do laundry since i was 8
4. i am double jointed in BOTH my arms, childhood injuries! i broke one arm jumping on the bed and then it was in a cast then RIGHT when it healed i jumped on the same bed and broke the OTHER arm! muahahah O_o
5. i don't just laugh, i CACKLE like an evil witch and sometimes it sounds like tickle me emo
6. i CAN'T swim!!!
7. my guilty pleasure is having my back scratched before i go to sleep by my boyfriend (SICK i know, but whatever gets the job done)

that was all! totally random
i taggg everyone who wants to do the 7 facts


Three names I go by:
1. Giang
2. Gianger
3. Boobie/Gai (bf calls me this)

Three jobs I have had:
1. SUBWAY! i worked for a whole year here during high school, eat freshhhh!
2. Senior Day Care Center for 1 year during high school
3. Wells Fargo as a merchant teller for 2 years!

Three places I have lived:
1. Da Lat, Vietnam (first 2.5 years of my life)
2. ORANGE COUNTY (westminster, anaheim)
3. San Diego, CA (still here)

Three favorite drinks:
1. Dr. Pepper
2. Green Tea
3. water

Three TV shows I watch:
2. the bachelor/bachelorette
3. keeping up with the kardashians

Three places I have been:
1. east coast (philly, dc, new york)
2. vegas!!!!
3. vietnam

Three places I would like to visit:
1. franceeee
2. korea/hong kong/japan give me the asia tour
3. fiji!

Three people who text me regularly:
1. boyfriend
2. thuyle
3. sister

Three favorite old TV shows:
1. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
2. Saved by the Bell
3. Fragglerock

Three favorite dishes:
1. Spaghettttti of any type!
2. spicy tuna rollllsss
3. Anything my moms cooks

Three makeup products I cannot live without:
1. contact lenses
2. certain dri
3. my iphone

Three things I'm looking forward too:
1. vegasssss next weekend!
2. my birthday next month!
3. bub's and my vacation later this year!

Three people I'm tagging:
1.2.3. peter paul and maryyyyy
everybody lovessssss...
i tag everyone!!! do it! these are interesting to read :)

have been harddd at work preparing tanks for the bachelorette next weekend! we went and found 12 of the same tanks at a store and the lady thought we were insane at the register

can anyone guess what the theme is?!!? lol will post pictures once the final product comes bff and i are hard at work hand sticking each of these

remember this iphone case i got a long time ago? i really got what i paid for because the case was foam with glitters on top and the freakin thing attracts dirt and got dirty after only a few days of use..

sooooo...the boyfriend bought me another one...i really wanna invest in the pricey swarovski one, but *drums finger* it'll die quickly, too at the rate of which i throw my phone around so this tacky yet cute looking one pricing at 12.99 will do for now

next postings:
blush application tutorial
vegasssssss pictures

if you havn't entered already, GO HERE to enter now!




p.s.s. i've also been swaying away from twitter and made a facebookkk! since all my girlfriends and friends are on fb...adddd me: GIANG TRAN

Tuesday, March 9, 2010



50 followers and i hope it keeps growing!
i loveeeee giving out stuff and have been waiting to post this blog!
right now i've been on a nail polish kick for a few months now and wanted to do a small giveaway for all my followers.

the rules are reallllly simple...

1. be a follower
2. mention this giveaway on your blog in whatever manner you wish
3. leave me a comment saying "enter me" and tell me what your favorite, can't live without beauty product is

that is all!
giveaway will be close 2 weeks from now on MARCH 23rd, 2010 at 11:00 P.M.
i'll put names into a basket and have my boyfriend draw a name so if anything you gals can blame him lol


these are my favorite, staple products, i wouldn't give away anything i don't stand behind

1. 8 fl oz of pure acetone (professional kind)
2. china glaze "ruby pumps" my favoriteeee red
3. seche vite top coat! loveeeee
4. opi's "lucky lucky lanvander" from honk kong collection (my favvvvv of the month)
5. red cherry lashes #600 and #46 my favs

THANKS AGAIN TO ALLLLLL OF YOU WHO READ AND COMMENT AND FOLLOW, you gals are the best! :) i'll be having giveaways every 50 followers so if you don't win there will be many more to come!



Sunday, March 7, 2010

downtown fullerton bar hopping with my loves

saturday night, it's sprinkling in orange county, too cold to go clubbing so we go on the hunt for fish bowls! surprisingly downtown fullerton was pretty filled with people for a saturday rainy night...despite the incident that happened, we had fun up until then...

NOTE TO PEOPLE WHO STEAL. karma is a bitch, you will get your dick severed off and your balls shoved in through your asshole when your time comes. i know for sure it was a guy and since we couldn't find you or know who you are, you're lucky for now, but you will get yours, you pussy face, low life.

sorry about that side note...something just happened at the bar that involved someone with sticky fingers so that vent was out to that person. yes, go on the phone, look up the history and i hope you find my blog link. douche.

besides all that here are pictures

before the rain striked
sharing umbrellas
so romanticcccc, love u, cf
one fish bowl to equivalent to 7 drinks! it was hugeeeeeeeeeeeeee
love them to pieces



getting buzzed, my cheeks are super red

it was enough to get us buzzed
ahhahahaa the guy totally picture crashed! "i wanna picture with the asian sensations" we are not a pop girl band
bar hopped across the street and more drinking


"take a shot of nuvoooo, shorty you know..." alcohol shopping at costco for vegassssssssssss in 19 days!!! whoo hooo! 12 girls, one bachelorette plus vegas is going to be madnessssssssss!! super excited!

finally stopped by mac pro to get texture eyeshadow :) works greatttt to blend out harsh edges

a new home for my precious babies

working out and twitpic-ing...i loveeeee lucky i got countless compliments on it everywhere i went

i loved LUCKY LUCKY LAVENDER thissssss much! got some nail polishes for my 50 followers giveaway pack, too! i love giving, so the pack is going to be awesome possum

hope everyone is having a good weekend and staying warmmmm. :) til' next time LOVELOVE