Saturday, February 27, 2010

RUBY PUMPS (a must have) & CERTAIN DRI, EYE BROW/LIPS threading & random haul

hi loves!

just thought i'd share this total random hauling i did with shellie today when we went threading and beauty shopping together :) first we got our eyebrows and upper lip threaded at VINITA'S BEAUTY AND THREADING STUDIO, it's in Huntington Beach and it was my second time there thanks to Shellie's recommendation. i usually go to ziba's in costa mesa, but they charge 11 dollars for eyebrows threading v. Vinita's only charges 7.99 and upper lip is only 2.00 dollars. the lady that does the best job is named CINDY and she does a neat, clean job and shapes your eyebrows really nicely. it was my first time threading the upper lip and it hurt like crazy, but after 10-15 mins. the pain went away. def. a must stop by if you're in the area. they give out these cute stamp cards at the end, too...ten times and you get the 11th time for free! i get my brows threaded once every three-four weeks so that it can maintain its shape...

Shellie getting threaded by cindy, she didn't know i took this muahahahaha

i went nail polish hauling again, i really don't know what is wrong with me, i literally go to imperial beauty supply once a week, but this time it was on the hunt for CHINA GLAZE's- "ruby pumps" this shade is amazzzzingggg, my favorite nail polish so far, it's an extremely vibrant red, and has finely milled red glitters, just imagine dorothy's ruby slippers from wizard of oz and imagine that put into a blender and made into a nail polish...

china glaze's "ruby pumps" and opi's "parlez vous opi" (this varnish is a very close dupe to opi for sephora's "metro chic"

ALL THESE SWATCHES PICTURES BELOW ARE TAKEN WITH MY IPHONE, it's super blurry, but imagine this, but wayyyyy more vibrant :)

"C is for cookie, that's good enough for me, C is for cookie that's good enough for me, C is for cookie that's gooooood enough for meeeee, cookie cookie cooookie starts with C" lmao, just felt like typing that while i'm singing it
cf and i went to get cash at a local pavilions and outside the super market were little girl scouts! they were brownies and daisies and they were sooooo ADORABLE & well mannered! being a former girl scouts of 8 years myself and a junk food eater i had to get some samoas or now they're called "caramel delites" it's superrrrrrrr yum, best cookies ever, 4 dollars a box. worth every penny..

we went to sally's to get some hair dye for cf, and i wanted to try out this teasing brush that i see "itsjudytime" on youtube use for all her hair teasing, it was only 2 dollars and i tried it when i got home on my hair and it works GREAT!!! i own the wooden handle phillip one, but this one teasing a lot better without any pressure of pulling or tearing

thanks cf for the hello kitty bandaids and the certain dry :) now i can be sweat free and injury proof hahahaa...finally, they have #600 lashes at julie's accesories! the store is almost empty and everything is gone...i'm still so bummed they're closing down, but i did find another place to purchase dupes, plus the owner said he'd ship em' to me in bulk from his other store :) if anyone needs to order red cherry lashes, holler at your girl!!!

OK, before i get on this embarassing subject, i'm sure others share the same thought as me, because we're all human and we all SWEAT! usually in the past i've used only "deodorant," but the problem with deodorant is that it ONLY blocks odor and doesn't prevent the problem that causes it which is SWEATing! sooooooo this HOLY GRAIL product called "certain dry" is an "anti-perspirant" which claims on the box to "close up the pores on your underarms" thus causing you to not sweat...i've been using this product (the roll on) for two months now, i apply it on at night and the next day i don't sweat AT ALL for the whole day! everytime i shower i reapply it, too. you see the INSTANT results, no sweating and no odor :) i have been using the roll on version, but just ran out and now going to try the solid clear version. the roll on is kind of messy because it is a liquid and the solid is better since it smells like baby powder v. the roll on which has no scent. it is all up to your likings, but this product is defffff a must have!!! it's only 4 dollars and can be found at target or CVS :)

the weather in socal is insannnneeee, last week it was all hot and sunny and now it's raining cows and gorillas! super strange! and there was the earthquake in chile and all the tsunami i'm determined to learn how to swim or as shellie would say to go buy some floating devices and stock up on the emergency food kits and lotssss of water... it seriously makes you think about "tomorrow is never promised.." those people in haiti and chile probably never thought they'd wake up to an earthquake and a destroyed home, but they love the ones you love a lot and give everyone a hug that needs it and don't take any moments for granted, i know i won't...esp. telling ppls that you love how much you love them.. ok, enough sappy stuff, hope you're all swell! :) lovelove


Thursday, February 25, 2010


SERIOUSLY...who goes out on a wednesday night?!!! as i'm typing this i can still taste the alcohol in my system..note to all: wine and hard liquor to follow does notttttt mesh well together. don't do it! so my childhood sweetheart of 38424309 years, this lady and i go wayyyy back to when i was a little girl, first year of jr. high and she was a freshman in highschool. she texts me everyday and i don't see her as often because we're both grown and doing our own things, but when i do see her it's always picked up where we left off..i miss highschool and being young and able to hang out with her everyday doing nothing and everything.. i have a soft spot when it comes to my gfs or ppls i adore, i cannot say no... lol i don't know if that's a good or bad thing, but trust, i rarelyyyy say no

DEEKAI: "hi what you doing"
ME: "nothing, you?"
DEEKAI: "wanna go bar louie tonight?"
ME: "ummmmmmmmm (hesitating cause it's a wed!!!! she's crazy)
DEEKAI: "comeeeeee, you never go anywhere with me soooo sad"

the "soooo sad" repeated a few times does it for me

then the guilt trip continued for a full hour..then i gave in, because i love her. :) and i'm glad i did

hanging out in her rooom, it brings me so many years when we hung out there and slept over all the time :) i paired a last min. grey high waist jersey skirt w/ a grey h&m top and got a grey dress! :)

after an HOUR of perfecting her hair, she's finally ready

trying to peel the wrapper off. deekai: "i have a lotta wine, want some?"

opening a wine bottle, this was before she tried to help me and got pulled down the two clasps and the meat of my finger got stuck in it! it was painful!!!

showing her my injured finger

she pulled the cork...and the rest was history...

one of her MANY friends at bar louie, she literally knows everyone there

miguel? lol or danny? ahahhaha poor guy had a black eye and we made him go eat pho with us for the first time

cam whoringgggg

love you to pieces, biatttchhh!

eating phooooo, thanks babeees

guess who's hiding in the shrubs?!?!


mac's moisturizer
mufe's green primer
mufe's hd foundation #128
mac's nw25 concealer
benefit's "brow-zing" in dark for brows
nar's "orgasm" blush
benefit's "high beam" for highlight on cheekbones n nose
smashbox bronzer for contouring in "sun tan matte"
mufe's "micro hd" finishing powder

udpp eyeshadow primer
urban decay's "midnight cowboy" all over lid
mac's "brun" blend out on the edges of midnight cowboy
urban decay's "goddess" lightly dabbed n blended to deepen the crease and line lash line
mac's "ricepaper" for highlight
mac's "vanilla" pigment for inner corner
mac's "blacktrack" lining upper lash line
mac's "feline" kohl pencil for waterline
red cherry #46 lashes
b.e. "buxom" mascara to bind the lashes & lower lash line

burt's bee chapstick
nyx lipliner in "rose"
mac's "pink noveau" lipstick
laura mercier's clear gloss in "crystal" on top

THANKS AGAIN to all the new followers and leaving such sincere comments, they really make my day! i didn't know my poor camera quality and constant rambling about nothing important would actually mean something to others. & thanks to others who aren't following, but still read my blog, ahhhems* girlfrriends..i have love for you, too! :) mwahhhhs to all of you! til' the next time, happy almost friday and happy makeup!

UP NEXT: i'm gonna grow some big cajones and do a quick blush application tutorial :)


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

AVEC & makeup disinfecting (edited)

EDIT: thanks to all my blog readers, you girls are truly sweet for stopping by and saying hello and the sweet comments, i'm so close to 50! going to put together the giveaway goodies after i type this :) lovelovee!

GNO (girls night out) at club avec. :)

P.S. i was watching this youtube make up guru and i loveeee him! after watching his disinfecting make ups vid. it reminded me to go and disinfect all of my stuff asap...i clean my brushes weekly (spot cleaning and deep wash cleaning), but always forget to spray down my dry make ups. here is his tutorial on what to do...

I sprayed down some of the dry make ups i had with me with the same method gossmakeupartist did and it worked fantastic! now i don't have to the do the liquid dip and wipe method anymore, the spray bottle is genius! lol although, i think it'd still do the dip and wipe method for all the lipsticks



Friday, February 19, 2010


Nars Lippies are my most favorite, due to the fact that they have a small range of colors, but all the colors are qualitied...The lipsticks are all super moisturizing and comes in three ranges: satin, semi-matte, and sheer. The "satin" continuously releases moisture due to the micro bubbles in the lipstick's ingredient that makes it last for hours and stays creamy. The "semi-matte" is a highly pigmented matte that is long wearing and provides a velvetly finish. Lastly, the "sheer" finish provides a natural, moisturizing tint, that is very buildable and makes lips look plump. The smell of the lippies are quite unique. They smell like gingery and kinda herby. It's hard to describe, but the smell is addicting to me... They're 24 bucks a pop, but worth every penny per application. :)

I was playing around with the lippies and realized that when you pair two of them together you get the full's so cute and creative lol

my favorite nars lippies of the moment, and threw in the viva gaga so i could show a swatch of it, too

All these colors have been swiped five times to show its true colors

This is a lip treatment that has a light, sheer pink tint to it. It has an SPF of 20 and not 15 like I put on the picture...oppps lol it smells delicious exactly like melons and moisturizes and hydrates the lips without a tacky feeling...feels like you're wearing sheer lipstick...great for everyday use

Catfight is a lovely, semi-matte's described as a mauve, but it's kinda of plumy, nude and is extremely opaque with just two or three would pair well with either a smokey or neutral face

Belle de Jour is the epitome of "nude beige" it's a sheer color and is definitely buildable and leaves a PERFECT nude pairs GREAT with smokey eyes and leaves lips plump and shiny, you don't even need lipgloss!

Roman Holiday is also a sheer shade, it's the perfect baby, bright's buildable and doesn't require gloss either. The thing that's great about "sheer" shades is that they are the most moisturizing. I loveee this lipstick with black, smokey eyes

The infamous "viva glam gaga" this lipstick has probably graced every blogspot out there, but I can't NOT no it! LOL, it's a nice bubblegum pink and is quite sheer, but after building it, it's lovely! and since it's a "lustre" it's extremely moisturizing

FOTD and EYESHADOW of the moment!

I had this eyeshadow for a while and didn't realize how special it was until I watched PIXIWOO's YT vid. She was talking about products of the month and spoke of the "CLUB" duo chrome eyeshadow by MAC and DING! I realized I have it! I havn't touched it in ages, but it's amazing because it's a murky, forrest green, but once blended it turns into a chocolate brown! So I apply the color to my lids and blend out the edges and I get a two in one on the lids and brown around the blended area...the shadow looks like this

YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT HER YT vids if you havn't'll get an illustration of this precious eyeshadow color and would be tempted to go pick one up, also! :)

Here is a quick FOTD I snapped before dinner, it's a simple look...

With Nar's "sabrina lip treatment" on

with Mac's "viva glam gaga" the flash totally washed out the bubblegum pink shade :(

Nar's "belle de jour"



MAC's "Moisture Cream"
MUFE's Primer (the green one)
MUFE HD foundation in "#127"
Brows- Benefit's brow-zing (wax part first, powder part second)
Benefit's "high brow" to define the highlight and brow shape
Blush-Nar's "mata hari" with Mac's "dainty" on the cheekbones
MUFE microfinishing setting powder

UDPP e/s primer
Mac's "club" e/s for lid, crease, and lower lashline
Mac's "vanilla" e/s for highlight
Mac's "ricepaper" for inner-corner highlight
Mac's "blacktrack" for upper lash line
Mac's "feline" kohl pencil for water line
Red Cherry Falsies in #46
Bare Essentual's "BUXOM" mascara (LOVEEE THIS MASCARA for my lower lash line)
Bare Essentual's "gold glitter" mascara for false lashes (will do a review on this next)

softlips chapstick in cherry flavor
& Nar's "belle de jour" all night

FUNNY PICTURE (this is him on the daily)
we went out for drinks and dinner with a couple of our friends last night and when the dessert came out with wanted a picture with it and i grabbed the bf for a picture and this is the face he made when i went to go look at the picture again...he is such a grumpy ahaha, but we all love him..right, cfs?! NAHT!

That's all for now! what are your favorite NARS lipstick colors?!! I would love to know!! :) have a lovely friday and weekend! it's really odd weather here in souther cali. it's like sunny and hot for a few days and then freezing cold and super gloomy and other days. I'm blaming it on global warming, but bf argues that it's "global cooling." either way bleeeeh!!!


want glittered lashes, but want to skip the heavy glitterfied, very distracting pre-glittered false lashes?! this is the most amazing product i have tried, subtle and gorgeousss!