Saturday, January 30, 2010

christmas, new years, bowling, love packs (pic heavy!!!)

WARNING: picture heabbbbbbyyy! lol

I found these pictures on my boyfriend's laptop from Christmas & New Years and with all the school work and moving I didn't have time to upload em'. They are way overdue, but enjoy! :)

We all got together and decided to do a potluck and a small gift exchange game and drank til we couldn't drink anymore. The best times are times like these, where I'm so thankful to have my girlfriends. The people I love most after my family and boyfriend. :) There were some girls missing... :(
CF making yogurt soju! it's super yummy, just mix korean soju with liquid yogurt bottles and some sprite and it's delicious, but will hit you like no other!
I don't know why he is making that face!
Mommy's homemade spring rolls and peanut sauce
The dark child made PANCIT! yummm
Mini eggrolls SO YUM
Vietnamese Chicken Salad

Big L making BO LUC LAC (shaken beef)
Had the best christmas with them :)
she is EXACTLY like this in real life! sillllllyyy rabbit
Playing our Christmas gifts exchange game!
I can't do a proper wink for the life of me lol

My BFF looks extraaa excited!

FOR SURE my boyfriend took this picture, it's suppose to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS..freakin dummy
He always wants a part of the girls' action
Our new socks, thanks tiffffie!
Modeling our New PINK panties, too, thanks again, CF!


NYE was spent with my loves...We drank, drank, and drank some more...what else is new?! SO many pictures, but only uploading the main ones

I havn't seen my girlfriends or hung out with them in weeks so we decided to have a random, chill outing...some of the girls couldn't make it, but we headed to 300 for some drinks, pool, and bowling. 300 is a very nice place, it's like Lucky Strike bowling at the Block, but BETTER. Half the place are pool tables and couches and the other half are bowling alleys with LED lights and along the front of the lanes by the pins are BIG SCREENS that play the most up to date music videos. You can literally dance and watch music videos as you sit and wait or if you make a strike and want to do a happy dance like Deekai was doing allll night! If you're in OC area in CALI and want a place to HANG at, come here!!!!! p.s. if you go here, try 300 pears with no basil, such a goooooood carbonated-alkie-fruity drink!

Deekai really missed thuyle
My girlfriends are gorgeous :) did their eye/face in ten mins flat!
CF and the DOe child lol
Everyone, meet my BFF, thuyle, aka Fiona from Shrek
"lemme take a picture of you taking a picture of me!"
She is a PRO at shooting poool, every guy lives under her mercy

Tried spilting my hurr in the middle, not really feelin' it
Their attempt at doing the Calvin Klein ad lol

It's too early to be drunk!

Can you tell whose socks they were wearing?
Chris Brown was on, luhhhhhh him!!!!
CHIMMMIEEE and CF, she's cuter!

Deekai in her natural state, again! YOU still need to MAKE me my BANANANANA ROLLS!

AHHAHAHA this is how they ALWAYS ACT
Don't think you're slick, DK! i know those are your fingers! bandit0!
I LOVE MY BFF, through THICK AND THIN! 14 years friendship going on 15! love the dark child, too...i guesss knowing you for 11 years means something, toooo! lol

GADGET TIME! if you are in need of a jewelry organizer so it doesn't tarnish and everything is in one place, try this! I got it from Bed, Bath, and comes in white or black and had compartments in the front AND back where you can store your stuff and ZIP it up! FAKE JEWELRIES TARNISHING BE GONE!

LOVE PACKS!!!! I got two love packs during the Christmas period and I totally didn't get a chance to post em'! I heart my twitter/blogger, babes...Genuine ppls are hardddd to find, and I can spot a fake ass when I see em', but these ladies are very warm-hearted and might I add gorgeous! Sometimes it only takes small things to make someone smile. And they spoil me!! THANKS, LOVES!

LOVE PACK #1: LIP STUFF GALORE from the gorgeous SHER! The lipstick is actually a pen! I feel very lethal! I love all the lip stuff!

LOVE PACK #2: HELLO KITTY LOVE from the beautiful ARN! She spoiled me with mask samples, hello kitty stuff, yummy chocolate snacks and my very first coastal scents 88 palette! THANKKKKKS, love!


I hope you are not exhausted by the end of this post!!! HAPPY WEEKEND! Next Up: Nail Polish swatches!