Monday, December 13, 2010

photo update

hi loves!
sorry i havn't been updating much! i've been busy preparing and registering for classses for this spring! so excited to go back to ucsd after a quarter of being hiatus due to my stupid car problem..hope you all are doing well! the weather is extremely wierd in's hot during the day and freezing cold at nights!! here are some photos during past events this month and last month..enjoy!! and i have a great NOTD post coming up! in time for the holidays!!

sakura happy hours with my loves

bestie for 15 years! and going on strong..she seriously praises my accomplishments and pushes me hard when i'm down
babylove..the man who cares for me and loves me more than i even imagine. i feel so blessed and lucky each day

bruxie chicken and waffles with ang!! love you, ang!!! our foodie adventure started out with bruxie, korean foods for dinner, cafe bar for avocado shake with lots of shopping in between :)

visited smavis at his sushi place! yanagi bistro in artesia!!! it is delicious!! freshest fish and smavis makes the best creations!! i'm going to come back for more!

bub's 27th birthday celebration at gyu kaku with all his boyfriends lol

homos ;)

the boys are way too rowdy! our course, we get to be DDs :)

i'm so excited to see all my girlfriends this saturday for our annual secret santa dinner and gift exchange!!! we've been doing this tradition for the past 4-5 years and it's so much fun! i miss you bitches so much!! even though we saw each other the other week..i know we've all been busy with life, but nothing will keep us apart :) if you're reading this *HUGGGGGS*!!!!

hope all you babes are having luck xmas shopping and preparing for the upcoming holidays! the malls are way hectic and everything is quickly selling out!!! let me know your plans for the holidays!! mwahhhs!! hugs*



Denysia said...

Wow, it looks like your having a ton of fun this holiday season! :)

Kalmo said...

Aw the ladies look so pretty! It's great that you have so many lovely friends and a great BF. Yay for going back to UCSD. I took a semester off from UCB and it was exciting/scary back to school LOL.

Angelique said...

aww!! I'm honored to be a part of your post! I love hanging out w/ you :D <3

Sarah said...

aww you're soooo cute! you make me want to get more off the shoulder tops but i bet you'd look 50x better than me hahaha :) if not more!