Friday, December 24, 2010


my sweet twinsie mr. xtina knew I was sick and we were texting each other and she said she got me a gift that would keep me warm and I was asleep earlier and she dropped by and left this cuteeee box!!!

HK wrapping!!! I couldn't wait, so I opened it!!

LO and BEHOLD.. HK snuggie!!!!!! squeals* we went to hot topic a few weeks back together and this thing was sold out everywhere! she's such a thoughtful friend! I love you, babe!!!! i am so happy we are friends! thru thick and thin! you know we gift each other things all the time cause we are gay like that, but in the end all that doesn't matter, cause it's your friendship that means most to me :) mwahhhhhs!!!!!

*puts on snuggie n rolls around and does scary ghost pose*

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siwing said...

haha i saw this at hot topic too ! it's so cute ^_^

hope you feel better

merry christmas!

Jacquelyn said...

Aw, that was really sweet of Xtina!!! That HK snuggie is so cute!!

~Lisa said...

So cute!! I didn't know there was such thing as a HK Snuggie!!

Ekk! *squeals* ^_^

Lulu said...

lucky gal!!!! now you can snuggle up all warn and comfy <3 i am still looking, can't find it anywhere!

Iyah said...

Such a cute gift!!! ahhhh!!! i miss you both already!! :) Please feel better baby ko *kisses cheeks*

G A B Y said...

Aww super cute!

missxtina30 said...

<3 you!!!