Sunday, December 19, 2010

annual secret santa dinner with my girlfriends

each year my girlfriends and i get together for a secret santa exchange! the whole process is the most hilarious because everyone tries to guess who the others have!!! and we make side bets on it ahahhaa this year we went to il fornaio in irvine and then off to ding dong dang karaoke afterwards for some good times! singing and dancing! i love em so much!!!

i am so blessed i have girlfriends i have known since childhood to call my own..REAL friends who don't FAKE THE FUNK and we always have each others' backs..i have met so many people this year and i am so blessed to have some beauty babes in my life..the real genuine ones are ones that i continue to be friends with..lots of lessons learned this year and i would not change a the end, i'm so the beauty babes that are reading this...i loveeeee you!!

and i love all you for coming to my blog and taking the time to read/look at just makes me happy to be able to share any goods or stories with you all!

bestie's hair and make up by me :)

she thinks these are all her gifts...

but their actually ALL MINE! :D
i'm wearing circle lenses yume babbby gifted me!! she and i have the same prescription and astigmatism so she was soooooo kind to send me a pair to try and some other JP goodies!! i hope you enjoy the n/p pack and goodies i sent you back, lovie!!!

lesson of the year: i don't tell anyone to send me stuff and other people don't ask me for anything in return, but i was raised to reciprocate and acknowledge peoples' acts of kindness towards one owes anyone anything, but in the end it's common courteousy..close friends or no close friends, it seriously helps me sleep better at night knowing i can help someone out or make someone else happy

we both decided to rock the red lips for the occasion!
i put NYX "DEEP RED" lipliner all over to shape the lips and MAC'S "RUSSIAN RED" on the center of the pout for that pop of red!!! lovely, inexpensive combo! or just do the DEEP RED lipliner by itself, and you'll get a NICEEE matte lip!
my ride of die
hey! i'm actually wearing a NON "skimpy, short, slutty" dress!!! (inside joke; *eyes rolling action*)

did i tell you i have a sick sense of humor?
karaokeeee!! love ding dong dang, they are always updated with the hits!!

it was raining cats and dogs alllll night! not good for the hairs at all


lol i leave you with a funny clip
the crazy kadeers always puts on a show..dancing and's the filipina/zumba teacher in her

hope you're all ready for xmas this coming weekend!!! so exciteeeddd!!!




~Lisa said...

You gals look so beautiful!! Looks like you had a great time too!!

I'm super curious to know what giftss you got xD

Jacquelyn said...

You all look gorgeous!! Glad that you had so much fun!

sugar sugar said...

you and your bestie look lovely! :) everyone looks gorgeous! ;)

Iyah said...

Gorgeous ladies!!! I love your dress baby ko!! LOL @ the inside joke!! hahaha *rolls eyes too* hahahah!! :P I love your nude heels also!! I've been wanting that heels for like ever! I kept on going back and forth to bakers and stare at those heels! ahahaha :P

Kalmo said...

Aw all you ladies look super pretty. I looooove your bestie's dress, hair, and makeup. Good job Giang! :) It's great to have real kind friends.