Friday, October 1, 2010

30 days blog challenge: DAY 8 & 9

i decided to put day 8 and day 9 together cause they're short prompts :)

today's prompt:

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why.

-save money

-stop buying make up..i don't need anymore

-finish up a lot of beauty products

-wear make up more often, instead of twice a week, i'll bump it up to four days a week

-finish up two more love packs, i won't stop until i have spread my love to everyone that i love and anyone that deserves the reciprocity

-get readings done

-work out (lose some lbs. by vegas time at the end of oct.)

-spend more time with my sister, mom and dad

-eat less carbs...HAH this one is a "goal," but i'm not saying it was going to be realistic!

-drink less soda (dr. pepper to be exact)

that is all for now! can't think of anymore at the top of my head, but those are the ones i'm trying to strive for currently

Day 09- Something/someone you’re proud of.

i am proud of my baby sister, anna :)

i rarely speak about her on my blog because she is rather a private person...however i am extremely proud of her for being a well behaved 17 year old. she's always been my little follower and i've always been the big sister that protects her, she never argues with me and she respects me..and i respect her just the same..she is spoiled rotten by the whole family, but she never asks for anything..she never gives me parents trouble and is very level headed..after our first fight in the whole history of our sisterhood, she handled the whole thing like an adult and now we are stronger than ever..she is going to be attending fidm after this graduates this year, but she also wants to attend a cal state because she doesn't want to be far away from my parents...i just feel so proud when i look at her and realize that she's grown so much and is such a good kid..i hope she doesn't read this, otherwise she'd get a big head ;) jk lol

excuse the boring and brief posts, i feel so uninspired today and tired..will see you babes in the next one and thanks so much for reading and commenting as always, you all don't know how much it makes my day when i receive your comments and hear about your stories, too!!! mwahs!!!!





tessatham said...

Oh yay you're doing the blog challenge as well :) & aww your sister sounds like a lovely girl!

- susy - said...

Those are some mighty goals there.. NO BUYING MAKEUP!? Do nail polishes count? If yes, then you should be banned from Imperial for at least this month since it's one of your goals LOL i'm jk!!! Don't shank me!

Katrina M said...

good luck on the saving money part. lol, clothes, shoes and NAILPOLISHES are our enemies!! hehe i failed my "no buy" miserably.

and ur sister is exactly like my sisters. they dont argue w/me and they follow me a lot. YAY BIG SISTER DANCE!!

Lulu said...

these are good goals, and do-able!~ i'll be cheering you on. I also should do the same thing w/ a lot of your goals, such as stop buying makeup, use them up, wear makeup more often, send tons of love packs (ahhh so slow on that one!), work out etc etc. let's motivate each other :)

Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

same here, I don't feel need to buy any cosme too=D

Chau said...

You are turning me into a nail varnish crackie! Save money, boo boo! LOL

izumi said...

aww i bet you're an amazing big sis to have too <33 such a sweet "day 9"! hahaha. i need to set a list of goals too O__O good idea.

♥ Starryxuan said...

i need to stop buying makeup soon too! i will be cheering you on! you can do it :)

Caroline :] said...

LOL at what Susy said!! I think you would suffer & have major withdrawals if you were banned from Imperial! nightmare!! haha ;) I love you for getting me into taking care of my hands & nails & for making them look so pretty by changing polish every week now instead of letting the polish chip off like I how I used to before I met you!! xD

Saving money is a super good goal...I need to definitely stick to that, too!! AHHH >_< Nail polish & cuteee fall clothing (cardis & tunics) and boots get the best of me (bad for wallet) >_< hehe i love the eat less carbs goal...i love carbs so much--terrible! xD

I bet your little sister is as golden as you are. You truly are a gem, and I am really happy to have met and become friends with you, babe! :) *kissess*

♥ caroline