Thursday, July 8, 2010


[edit: this was before i found out this pink person is a rotten egg, i won't delete this entry or try to change anything, because the past IS the past, but just wanted to state that i no longer and will never have anything to do with this shit talker/scammer/liar. don't mean to sound like i'm a hater/bitch, for personal reasons, i dislike her, and there's no turning back. this is just a note for those who come to view this blogpost]

where do i even begin?!! i havn't posted this pow wow post because i am still overwhelmed, lemme just start off by saying...madnesssssss! it was such a pleasure meeting you, pam! i can't wait til you come back, there's many more viet food places waiting to be raided by us and much more crawfeeeshhhh to be had!

KARAOKE IN GARDENA AT was so much fun! i love all the babes! they are truly a bunch of down to earth gals!!

her ciroc and white grape juice, which i admit, is super good! considering me, hating anything clear

mixing her concoction lol

jilly chillin the gooose

my downnn ass henney queen, katrina!! loveee ya, babes!

angela, jilly, katrina, pam, me, xtina, ria and iyah :)))

making it rain?

love these two so much! my beauty partners in crime!

xtina's cuteeee homemade sugar cookies, it was sooooo good and uber cute!

gotta have the hennneys!

manicures and pedicures w xtina and iyah

we got our nails and toes done and shopped around a little, so much fun!

xtina and i got ready together, look at her tease! she is the teasing queen!!! secret? the tool structure three row teasing brush from sallys beauty supply and a very good bottle of big and sexy hair spray and an expert like herself :) i love it!

my partner in crimeeee! :) love her

looking hottttt!

i'm holding my gift bag, that is not my purse ahhaha

loveee iyah, she is so funny, beautiful and smart

tiffy is just how i imagined her!!! squeals*

riaaaa!!! we must drinkkkkkkkk again, a s a now!!!

we es ready to eats ahahaha

it was a three course meal, appetizers, main course (picked from a list of four items) and desserts...there was soooo much food, it was insane

guess whose? ;)

my gift exchange from pammie, came with ham and cheese, also! hilariousss! and some cuteee earrings
my beauty diary!



oyster toast to new friends and new loves!

iyah and i were HUNGRYYYY still ;)

my favorite picture of pamcakes

overall, it was such a greatttttttttttttttt experience...
i got to meet all the beauty babes i talk to on the daily
they are all wonderful ladies and i feel so blessed...
i can't wait til the next time we all get together and make new memories!!!
here's to make up, big hair, manicured hands and toes and lots of hugs and kisses!!




DSK Steph said...

so many hotties!

liz said...

omgoodness! yall have so much fun!!

i LOVE the dress you're wearing.
its gorgeous, were'd you get it?

giang said...

@liz i got it online at flirt clothing! all sexy, clubby wears

izumi said...

haha so much fun!!! so glad i got to meet you <3