Tuesday, July 20, 2010



i am one lucky biatchhhhh!!!
when i give, i never expect anythinggg in return because i really like to brighten other peoples' days, but when it comes to my beauty babes, i am alwayyyys spoiled!
they always bomb me x's 3948902348248239

these are love packs i've received in the last two weeks and i just want to give them the exposure they deserve!

first off! pack sent to me by NINJA LULU
she is sooooo sweet and the funniest person!!! i can't wait to meet her one of these days, we share so much common interests and we're both nerdy ;) thank you sooo much, babes! hugs* i finished the snacks all in two sittings and am enjoying the almond korres body wash sooo much everyday!

she's such a NINJA! she does things when you least expect, i got this pack without even knowing she was going to send me one! MATCHING hk jewelries, body wash, her infamous match green milk tea and lots of HK sweet snacks!

oh my god, my favoriteeeee YOUTUBE GURU!!! i dont think she wants me to call her that, but she is the funnnniest person!!! i loveee watching each and everyone of her hauls, cooking tutorials and esp. the drunken relationships rants!! lmao. only if she lived closer, we would be bffs!!!! thank you so much caffy! i can't wait to get all the stuff together to bomb you back with some a love pack!!

taiwanese lashes galore!!! i've always wanted to try cause they always look so damn good on her and she sent me ones that are soooooo nice..the bands are thin and the lashes are super soft and light, makes me feel like i'm not wearing anything! she included some extra goodies, i love everything, cathy!!!

up close shots of the lashes (pics taken with my iphone)

LAST PACK! but definitely not least, MAYYYYY!!!!
she is the MASK QUEEEEN!!! thank you so much babes!
i love everythinggg! the perfume smells amazing and my FIRST canmake lipgloss, you got me addicted to em now! going to order all the other colors for sure!!
i'm so excited to meet you and lulu some time this year so we can all shop, eat, and joke around together!!! mwahhhs!

i am so blessed to have two handful of lovely blogger babes that i talk to daily who i can share excitements with and even hardships and mood swings and foooodieees!!

i love you allll!
million besos!




~Lisa said...

Awww!! So sweet of them!! I haven't received love packages before but just looking at other posts excites me too!! Makes me want to send out loe too! =P


Renay Shanel said...

How exciting! Great things you got there! I get so excited to get packages in the mail !! :)

Iyah said...

You deserve all the love!! Coz you are too sweet!!!!!!!! :D

Dina (XYYan) said...

That's so sweet of all of them! I love May and Lulu too :D

BoRNiiLOVE SPReeS said...

Exiting things you got there! Those thick lashes are lovely!

izumi said...

you totally deserve the love packs! you're such a sweetie :)

izumi said...

you totally deserve the love packs! you're such a sweetie :)

May said...

Awww you deserved all the love packs babe! glad you like everything. ninja lulu is the sweetest:)