Monday, April 19, 2010


so my boyfriend offers to take me on a random date last weekend...
we went to the irvine spectrum to grab dinner at the cheesecake factory and catch the improv afterwards...turns out he was trying to surprise me! we ate dinner and i went outside and some of my girfriends and some of his guy friends were outside with ice cream and flowers :) i was so shocked! i have never been surprised before because surprises make me feel awkward, but they got me goooood. my birthday isn't until april 27th, but they wanted to do an early surprise so i would be caught off guard and boyyyy was i caught off guard...they even made me go on a small stage and paid some random musician to sing happy birthday to me, and the people that were walking stopped and sang, i seriously felt like crying...crying of embarassment! lol thanks you, all! can't wait til' the real celebration in L.A. next weekend!

here's my quick FOTN

i used mac's "snob" lipstick and it realllly washed me out :l bleh

no flash, i am naturally tanned, year round...
w/ flash


MAC moisturizer
MUFE "green" hd primer
MUFE "hd foundation" in 128
MAC "studio finish" concealer in nw25
BENEFIT's "brow-zing" in dark
NARs "anjelika" blush
MAC's MSF in "perfect topping"
SMASHBOX "matte bronzer" in sunkissed tan?
MUFE "hd microfinishing" setting powder


UDPP e/s primer
lid: MAC "ricepaper"
crease: MAC "mystery"
highlight: MAC "blanc type"
blended out carbon's edge with a little bit of MAC "texture"
inner corner hightlight: MAC "vanilla" pigment
MAC "blacktrack" liner on top & bottom
MUFE "smokey lash" mascara
RED CHERRY #42 falsies and added some corner lashes for longer effect


softlips cherry chapstick
NYX lipliner in "rose"
MAC "snob" lippie
MAC "dazzleglass" in RAGS TO RICHES

cheesecake factory

waiting for my pina colada

garlic pasta with shrimp, soooo yum

PICs below taken with david's dslr

thanks girls!
i loveeeeeeeeeee ice cream cake, i could eat a whole one to myself, i had three slices of this in one seating lol it was praline flavor, soooo goooood
extremely happy
"i want to eat yoouuuu"
she couldn't wait til may 1st, so she gave me my present first, thankkks babes!

i love him, thanks, baby, you got me good!

that's all for now!
on my next post i'll do some of my favorite new products/collective make up/nail polish hauls




lisa (Makeupandlife*) said...

you look beautiful. i like rice paper and red cherry falsie look really good on you =)

Sher said...

happy early bday!!! where did you get that romper? its soo cute!

glitteryeyesxx said...

Your romper looks so cute! (I think it's a romper, right?) Your bf is sweet for surprising you like that. He scores brownie points for that!

And I'm so jealous of your tan! I have to use that crappy Jergens fake tanner lotion, and I always come out lookin' like an Oompa Loompa orange. :p

lucy said...

great look-you look gorgeous! :) and i'm so in love with your romper!

Jessica Mai : said...


Thats so sweet of your BF and friends.
Surprise bday parties are so much fun! I find them more fun to plan :)

I LOVE your outfit! Where is that floral romper from?


Angie said...

Aww that's very sweet of him. What will you guys be doing in LA for your bday? I love your jumper, so cute!!

giang said...

@lisa, glitteryeyes, sher and jessica: thanks, darlings! i got my romper at this store called "papaya" if you google it i think they have many locations.. :)

@angie: we're planning a girl's night out in la next saturday..dinner and strip club! :) we're skipping the clubbing this year

thanks all for your sweet comments and taking the time to stop by

Tiffany said...

OMG so CUTE!!! surprises are the best!!!! especially since this one you didn't see coming ;) hahahaha so cute that he forced all that attention on you hehehe