Monday, April 19, 2010

bare canvases

my friend david has a nice camera and i have never seen my make up done on a nice camera before so we got together one weekend and i asked my gfs to be my bare was a windy, chilly day at balboa beach, but the shots came out pretty nice..i wish i had more time and more faces to work with, but first time is for experimentation :) enjoy



Rai said...

Gorgeous photos!

Kodaaaaa said...

Your blog is fun, i like it (:

Check mine out,,
And follow, it would mean alot (:

noy said...

luv d makeup.!!~

Angie said...

Pretty pictures! I like the makeup, soft and pretty! Your friends are pretty cute too! :)

giang said...

@rai, koda, noy, and angie. thanks all for the kind words and stopping by :D