Saturday, November 28, 2009


hi beauties!

i have neglected my blog :( shame on me! how is everyone?! i have not been up to the last month...i havn't gotten out since halloween, just been hiding underneath a rock...needless to say, after hiding for almost a full month and then hitting the town one night feels so goood!

on another note, just want to say happppppy birthday to my girlfriends kimmie leklum and cf shellie! i love you both so much! i wish you guys a happppppy year, full of smiles and warm feelings in your tummies. know that i am alwayyyys here no matter what you need help with or just need someone to laugh with you. you girls are such great people, i couldn't ask for better girlfriends. mwahhhhhs a millliooonnnnnnn kisssesss!

sooooo on wednesday we went to sutra in newport! they had a pre-thanksgiving bash, so we decided to party it up for shellie's, weenie's, and kimmie's birthdays.. we got ready at my bf's place, i put on all the make ups and leklum teased and styled all the hairs and we drank COLDDDD henney...six girls and one bottle! we're not alcoholics! we just drink like so when we have a girls night out. :) there are lotttts of pictures below...just a warning, but the pictures speak for themselves..

i was craving sprinkles cupcakes, but the distance was the only thing stopping me from getting some because it's allll the way in newport, but since it was leklum's birthday today, i decided to pick up some for myself and some to surprise her with. my sweet boyfriend drove me all the way there to and waited in a long ass line with me to get some. these cupcakes are the bestttt i have yet tasted in the world. they run at 3.25 each or 36 for a dozen and they are FRESH, moisttttt, and the toppings and cup cake itself is to dieeee for. if you are ever in newport by fashion island area, go pick up a few!!!! well worth the extra calories. lol

the milf leklum and her son austin, i love her and him, he helped me sing happy birthday all the way through. mwahhhs!

ok, now that all the madness of major picture whoring is out of the way, just want to do a review on a wonderfulllll product i picked up about a month ago. i have been using it daily and i absolutely love it. i was reading "pink's" blog, i'm sure all the girls on blogger have heard of her or is subscribed to her, but she mentions that she uses shiseido's tsubaki shampoo and conditioner and i have been lemming for a new shampoo and conditioner so decided to stop by mitsuwa and get some and give it a try. to my amazment my hair has totally improved in condition, length, texture, and shine. here is a picture of the products itself on the conveyer belt...


they had two different choices, the TSUBAKI in the red bottles and the TSUBAKI in the white bottle. I had no clue what the other ones were and couldn't read the language in the back, so I decided to go for damage care. I have not dyed my hair for over a year since the last time I dyed it black and havn't touched it ever since. in the past i have dyed my hair every four-five months, ever since highschool for about six-seven years. after all the highlighting, low lighting, heat tools day in/day hair finally gave up and died after the time i had to bleach my whole head to strip the black that was in my hair because i had to go light. it was horrible! my hair started falling out like crazyyyyy and thinning, also...i have always had thick hair, but after this whole two years after the bleach it has not been strong since. i needed something to revive it, and give it the life it used to have. the website states this about tsubaki shampoo.

  • Made especially for dry, permed, sun-damaged, color-treated and coarse hair, Shiseido's new Golden Repair line is an everyday solution for healing and maintaining healthy hair.
  • The hair enriching nutrients in camellia oil in a luscious thick conditioner that heals brittle hair, split ends and dryness.
  • Amino acids help strengthen hair from the follicle.
  • The Tsubaki, or Camellia flower, is packed with oleic acids that are extremely compatible with human skin.
  • Excellent for everyday use, and improvements visible in as little as one use. Available in larger pump bottle (4109) for added savings.

i was very excited when I first picked it up, the price was around 16 dollars per bottle, so 35 for both bottles, but it comes with refill plastic packets for later one at a cheaper price, for about 28-30 when you run out of the stuff in the bottles. it smells amazzzzing, it has a light smell, kind of like expensive face cream and after my first wash i felt the difference right off the bat. my hair was lighter, shinier and softer and smelled soooo good. this product is good for asian hair or any of you who have hair criterias like mine. it is well worth the try and if you are scared to take the leap just buy the travel sized bottles (they also carry those) and see how you like it. this could be found at your closest mitsuwa or you can just purchase from online if you google it. definitely a life changer! :) as you can see from my pictures, my hair is not styled with any products, just some heat protectant when i am using a hot tool and light hair spray. and that is how it looks with the help of tsubaki.

hope this review helps :D this is a picture of my hair right after the first use!!!! it was taken with my iphone. my black hair is fading to a dark brown, and even with the blurry picture you can see the shine it has. this is WITHOUT any products.

so all you ladies who want to try something it is!

ok, that blog was obnoxiously long! hope you all had a great, tummy-filling thanksgiving! and happpppppy late thanksgiving, also. it's just a day that reminds me to appreciate all the things i have in life, from food in my stomach to the clothes on my back. everything else is luxury and we are all so fortunate. even the people we are blessed with in our lives, from family to friends to significant is all a luxury so we should never take anything for granted. :D love all you bloggers that have been following me...i hope i reach 50 soon because i have so much make up to do a giveaway with. have a safe weekend! lovelove


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

hello kitty lovers & iPhone holders

hi lovelies!!!
I have had this app for quite a while and was playing around with it... it's for iPhone users and hello kitty fanatics.. it's called "hello kitty camera." you can either take a picture with the program or use the program for a picture u already have in ur photo album. it auto detects and randomly selects different hello kitty banners, designs and flowers for your photo. you can click on each item to change the design, one by one! hope you all enjoy this and find it useful :). (thAt's if you don't know about it already)

the picture of the app itself

I placed the hat on the hater himself lol

hahahahah this one came out hilarious

got bored...

so overall, I would give this app two thumbs up.. sorry the pictures' quality stinks.. these are all from my iPhone and I'm posting this blog entry through the app "blogpress." happpppy hummmmmp day, all! hugs n kisses


-- Post From My iPhone