Monday, September 28, 2009

Another PC* Weekend & Small Haul (PICTURE HEAVY)

Hi Ladies!
Hope you all had a good weekend! Once again, Shellie and I went to South Coast after I was all hungover and throwing up from the night before. Too much HENNEY, but I REFUSE to learn my lesson. :D We went to Mac Pro Store and I was just intending to buy MAC SLIMSHINE LIPPIE in the color BARE, but the MUA tried on lip colors, gloss, and an eyeliner called "TEDDY" (kohl) outta their permanent line on SeaShell, it was applied with a 219 smudger pencil brush, and we both fell in love! Sweet ol' Shellie snatched me one...she's so sneaky! THANKS, BABES! You spoil your secretary rotten :D but here are a pictures of the products...

The Kohl Liner in "TEDDY"

A very large swatch of it, it's a brown, bronzy, with gold shimmer color...GREAT for a neutral look and a little bit smudged out for a smokey effect :D GORGEOUSSS!!!

Mac SlimShine Lipstick in "BARE"

Swatch of the color, it's kind of sheer, but that is the point of it, I LOVE THIS COLOR! Slimshines are sooooo moisturizing and the colors are sooo cute, plus the sleek, thin packaging of the lippie cover is so chic!

The colors on my lip with flsh. I will definitely be purchasing more SlimShines in the future...lots of HOT colors to choose from

After that visit, Shell and I are already planning what we need the next trip...I definitely need the MAC 219 pencil brush in my life...

Of course Friday night we had to have GNO...I seriously don't think I'd survive a week without seeing my gfs...To party, hang out, bitch and moan about our lives, have a couple of drinks and laugh til' our stomachs hurt. We went to HEAT...and boy...there are a lotta pictures I cannot post, just the ones where we all look put together Half the girls were missing! :( There are rarely times when all nine of us go out at once...If you bitches are reading this, you better come out next time! :) ahems* LeKlum, Weenie, Deekai, & Jennay! lol love you* The people that have partied with us will tell you that you cannot say NO to PREDRINKING when around us, we will literally open your mouth and pour it down your thoarts! o:) By the time you get to the club you'll be buzzed and then we finish you off with "secret drinks" there! evil laughs* This part is pictureeeee heavy, but seriously, which of my blog posts are not picture heavy?!?!

Henney (check), Coke (check), Moolah (check), and hotttttt bartender CHECK, CHECK!

Love my other CF, Tiffie, she is UNDERCOVER alkie/bad, baddddd girl ;) if you're reading this tiff...tsk tsk *gives tiff the finger*

bestie told us to get closerrrr

CF & Bestie, believe it or not they are future sister in laws, they are just in denial...or I think only bestie is in denial LOL

She was BEHIND on the shots, but I'll let it slide this time, former Henney Queen

Our mixer to make it cold before we drink it

Picked up SeaShell and FIRST thing she does is THIS LMAO

she is NOT as innocent as she may appear!

I'm watching you bestie!!

She's so precious!

FREAKIN' SLUTTTY! we all wore the same texture of dresses by accident :)


Cheers! to friendship!

WE FOUND CUPPIES!!!!! she rarely comes out so we had to celebrate!

Yes, she is hot, I know...

Told you, that is bestie doing her job! "you have to drink til THIS MARK, bitch!"

WHY AM I STILL SO DAMN DARK?! I NEED TO GET WHITE AGAIN. Being dark makes me feel sorta dirty shivers*

Cuppies (short for cupcakes) and CF

THE TWO ALCOHOLICS, who wishes to NOT be anonymous!

this picture is epic, guess who is drunk and who is not LMAO

she's undercover strippper!

After the club we always eat! PHOOOOO!

As if that wasn't enough partying, the next day we went to bar called Hashigo, yummmy happy hours sake and appetizers and after lounging, talking, and eating, we went to Taqueria to top it off with some street tacos. I didn't get to snap pics of the street tacos, but here was the prettttty Sake bottle. :)

COLD SAKE!! yummmm

Can always count on Shellie to pour the drinks

Bestie doesn't like this picture cause' she doesn't have make up, but I think she's pretty as is

LEKLUM the milf! Couldn't make it to Heat, so made up for it

YOU ARE SO DIEU, Weenie McWeener, but I love YOU!

Bubsie surprised me with a WHITEEEEE iphone that I have been wanting...he said it's a late anniversary gift, but I thought I already got so many gifts from him already? THANKS SO MUCH, BUBSIE! He also got me something I AM SO EXCITED to receive!! I will have to thumb my fingers and wait patiently for it...

isn't it cute?!?! something else HK to add to my collection...there were many cute Swarovski crystals ones, but they were all 150+ and I figured at my rate it'll be ruined in a few months so I settled for this one

Wow, that post was obnoxiously long, hope I didn't bore you, all. I tend to type too much, but if you get bored just browse the pictures. Hope you all had a good weekend, too! Til' the next time LOVELOVE


P.S. I LOVE YOU, Kimmie! HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER. I got your back!! & I believe in you! :D

Friday, September 25, 2009


Hi Loves!!

So...I have been meaning to go hunt down NEW polishes for a while after reading and seeing all the nail swatches. It gave me an itch! And usually girls go to SKYLARK (a well known place in OC) to get their OPIs/ChinaGlaze/Essie for half the price, however, after going to Skylark I was veryyyyyy disappointed because their stock is NOT up to date and the color choices are veryyy limited. I then remembered that a few years back I went to this place called "IMPERIAL BEAUTY SUPPLY" with my mommy and decided to drop by and see what they have. THEY ARE SOOOOOOOO AMAZING. The shop is literally 1/4 the size of Skylark, but they carry CHINA GLAZEs, ESSIEs, PIGGIEs, ORLYs, PRECISIONs, and best of all OPIs!!!!! And get this the polishes are all literally 70% off! I snagged up the new OPIs suede and mattte shades and left the place with seven polishes and only paid 23 buckeroos!! Yes, I wasn't stuttering...23 bucks! I know how OPIs/ChinaGlaze/Essie are all pretty pricey for polishes so if you are in the area you have to stop by and STOCK UP. The owner is such a nice man and he said that his store is certified to sell brand names that is why he is always fully stocked with the newest polishes and the staple products. :D I told him I was going to tell allllll the girls about this! TA DA!!


China Glaze, Essie, OPis...and this is only the first side of the store...All the new stuff is left on the front counter on racks...

Imperial Beauty Supply

9411 Bolsa Ave, Suite A

Westminster, CA 92683

(714) 775-7848

Of course I had to swatch em' right away when I got home. I picked up seven, but four were for my fellow nail polish/make up addict, Shellie :D Here are the colors that I got...

WITH FLASH! L to R: You Don't Know Jaques (you don't know jack shit? lol), Lincoln Park after Dark, Lincoln Park after Dark, China Glaze: Spontaneous n repeat!!! The left four are for Shellie and the right three are for myself

WITHOUT FLASH! The first two are suede texture and Lincoln Park after Dark is Matte texture

Excuse the JENKY ass nails in the following pictures, I just swatched them on real quick so I can take shots of them. On the suede and matte nails I put on Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat for half of the nail to show the difference in the textures. It is pretty versatile because you can choose to stick to the original texture or add top coat to anything and it'll become a regular shiny finish. Someone who thought of this is GENIUS. :D

Top to Bottom: You Don't Know Jaques (suede), Lincoln Park After Dark (suede), Spontaneous, and Lincoln Park after Dark (matte) and again please excuse the messy nails :)

WITH FLASH! SO HOT!! you can literally get six looks outta three bottles

So I have been looking for a liquid liner to do some serious pin up look because Mac's Black Track just doesn't cut it for me when it comes to wing lining so I picked up L'oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Liner with a FELT TIP!! I always see fafinettex3 using it on her make up looks on youtube so I figured since I was at Rite Aid looking for Liquor, I snooped into the makeup section. Lo and Behold I love it!!!!

The sleek container, it's in CARBON BLACK

The SOFT felt tip...It moves around like a wand so it's not stiff and easy to work with

The swatch after ONE swipe!

And as everyone that knows me, knowwws, that I have to get a pedi every two to three weeks. Especially my boyfriend because most of the time he pays for it. It's important to have your toes and nails maintained because it shows you care about yourself. I always paint my own fingernails (other than special ocassions) and my toes are ALWAYS frenched tip. I have tried to use solid colors, but I always get bored. I go to PHUONG and she is MY SAVIOR! I love her! Before her it was always this other lady Nancy, but she is too far so now for the past 6 months Phuong has helped me. She is sooooo sweet and always has stories to tell me. She gave me face creame the other day when I went to go see her. She takes her time and does a GREAT job! I wish I took before pictures, but this is her work of art...




3001 Harbor Blvd.

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(714) 434-1312

EDIT: phuong has now moved and i am going to a new place's called oasis nail salon and it's fabbbb...i will update on a later blog. :)

I hope you ladies enjoyed this post! I know there was a lottta fingers and toes actions in it, but what girl doesn't like varnishes?!!? I know I talk with a lotta *!* exclamations, but seriously, that is how I talk in real life. I exclaim every other sentence. Everything is so exciting to me. LMAO. Ok, have a wonderfulllll weekend whether you're sitting at home watching TV, shopping, or having a night on the town...ENJOY yourselves!!!! Be safe and always have a DD (not drunk driver...hahaha party crew, inside joke) LOVELOVE!


Sunday, September 20, 2009


Hey Beauties!!
How are you all?! I hope everyone is doing well! I try to blog at least once a week so here it goes! This is just a short blog entry showing the nail polish stash and some of my favorite colors for fall that I've had since last year, but wish to rekindle the love with :D I highly recommend these colors, they're dark, hot and great for this COLD weather. I am going to go n/p shopping tomorrow to hunt down some more OPIs and matte shades. Today is my boyfriend's and my THREE YEARS ANNIVERSARY! We are stronger and more in love then ever! He didn't get me a gift this year, but just put money into my bank account so I can shop and buy myself nice things. THANKS, BUBBA! I LOVEEEE YOU!! little kiss, big hugs* I recorded my make up stash video, but I feel like an idiot watching it over, but I'll get over that and post it up eventually. :) Here are the colors and if you guys want I'll do swatches later...

the pouch that I keep all my polishes in

the nail polishes...brights and dark..mainly OPIs/Essie/randoms

L to R: deco paint art in black, OPIs: Lincoln Park After Dark, Puerta Vallarta Violeta, Eiffel this Color, Over the Taupe, & What's a Jack? ESSIE: Island Hopping (Thanks SHELLIE!) and Wicked


I went to South Coast mall in Costa Mesa with my best friend and CF this weekend to hunt down SMOKE &'s such a nice charcoal, grey...and it's Limited Edition. The Starflash line that it comes in has other colors and the formulation is SILKY and's amazing! Thank god the RE-RELEASED it from last year's release of it. It is AMAZING! Get your hands on em' now! Also, Glamour-Check! is another pretttty cranberry, brown color! My girlfriends got those. I went to the MAC PRO store first, but they didn't have anymore of this so we went to Macy's and THEY HAD IT!!! Whoo-hoo! It's a popular color! I am in love with it, I used it right away that night to go out. :) I used my Benefit's cream eyeshadow as a base for it and it brought out the true color and looked really good! TWO THUMBS UP!

The picture does not do it justice, flash washed it out and without flash it looks dark like this...I need natural lighting during the day for it to look good :/

So yesterday we had to have our weekly day of partying, drinking and girl bonding time. We went shopping and by coincidence, we all ended up wearing the same colored tops! We always have to have a new fit when going anywhere...and we always seem to match...what the hell LOL I LOVE my PARTY CREW!!! We went to a chill BBQ where we ate and drank... We switched in some Black Label instead of Hennessey, but it made me miss Henney...however, I did get a colddddd shot of Henney :D Here are some pictures from the BBQ

Meet Party Crew President/ my CF and myself (Party Crew PR/Photographer) We are SMALL, but we can DRINK.

Drinking AGAIN! Literally shot #273458974358

Party Crew "CUTE" Mascot & Treasurer Weenie & Party Crew Vice President/Bounty Hunter LeKlum ;D they are also BFFs

Getting ready to eat! lol TEAL GAAAAHHHLORE.

I love them to pieces.

If you are in OC and want to partyyyyy til you drop with inibreation, hollaaa at your girllls.

BLUSH JACKER! LOL, jk, i love you weenie, i know you're reading this...everytime you use dainty, think of my cute little face :D mwahs!

Group shot, Jaci's boobies wanna come out to play

Birthday boy James. Like my Rocks?! I posed like that on purpose. LOL JKKK!

My MILF! If you f*ck with her, you f*ck with me, but if you f*ck with me, she's gonna f*ck you up. WOW, that was one too many F words.

That was all...til' the next time, when I post my lame Video Stash Entry, take good care, loves. Make sure you tell someone you love them, give everyone you love a hug and remember that if you are having a bad day one day, sleep it off and start over again the next day. :D Always remember to smile and never let ANYONE say or do anything to bring you down. Have a great week! Here is quote I read today that made me smile..."May your heart be light. May friends hug you tight. May your day be delicious from morning till night." (source: YOUQUOTEDQUOTES) on twitter. :D LOVE LOVE


P.S. I also added a music playlist of songs I am listening to at the moment so you all can BUMP IT and bob your heads while you're reading my entries. smiles*