Friday, August 21, 2009


I am browsing and my girlfriend, Kimmie LeKlum, had this as her twitter background and it made me so nostalgic. Summer is dwindling down and the weather is slowly changing. The clouds has now began to engulf the sun and the cheers and laughters are now so far away. As I look back that was such a fun summer spent with the people whom I love so much and hold so close to my heart. So many drunken nights, gossiping over some food, and late night antics. I will miss this living pattern once I head back to "book land" in two days. Here is a collage to add to my many collages/frames in my room. The memories cannot be expressed through pictures, but they will be embedded in my head. I LOVE YOU, GIRLS so much! Tomorrow we are going to the LAKE to do some picnicing, fishing and getting in touch with nature. Will take lots of pics and post em' soon!

I better end this before I turn into a soggy sponge.


Wedding/Toga Party

Hi All!!
So here are the wedding/toga party pics I promised to post up. I went to a wedding with my boyfriend & to a toga party with the girls afterwards (lastttt min.) I came in my wedding attire and magically I received some bed sheets and modified my toga. Overall it was a goooood night, lots of alcohol (henney XO, yummmmm) and ends the night in me puking my lungs out. The next morning I was still puking. I always tell myself I am going to take a break with the drinking and partying, but that never happens. shrugs* I am still young though, so I am going to party it up until I cannot party anymore. Summer session is starting this coming week and my old boss called me to come back to work for her as a part time teller...18 hrs a week? I think I will take her up on the offer! I have been living comfortably, but I think some extra shopping/spending cash won't hurt, plus it'll keep me super busy and motivated on top of being a full time student. :D I am going back to San Diego which is an hour and ten mins away from my love & girlfriends, but "ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER." Girls, I will visit you often and you guys better come party with me in downtown SD. Withdrawal syndrome is going to suckkkk ass, but we have to make sacrifices sometimes for a better future. On a side note, we are all planning to go to this year's AMAs (American Music Awards) hosted at the Nokia theatre! I am superrrr excited about that, we all get to dress up and have a BIG girls night out! We're getting mid row tickets which is in the hundreds, but that is ok, because it is well worth it. So here are some eye candy from last weekend. Hope you all enjoy! I wanted to do the FOTD for the wedding makeup, but I will do that later because I used so many colors I have to sort them out. LOL


The next day we were suppose to have girl's night out to crab some BOILING CRABBBB, I looveeee crawfish, shrimps and oysters, but unfortunately only the four of us party animals made it out to eat! The wait was a total of 2 hours, sooooo very long, but worth every minute of it once we got our food! We order four lbs. of crawfish, a pound of shrimps, a dozen of oysters and some cajun fries. If you are ever in the OC area, you have to stop by BC, it is AMAZING, the sauce is one of a kind (whole shaaaabang) and it'll leave you HOOKED!

Until the next time, toooodles beautiful ladies. :D

P.S. my girlfriend, Deekai, took me to my very first Zumba class at the Quest Learning Center, found by Quest Dance Crew, and I must say I REALLY LIKE IT! It is a mixture of aerobics & salsa and you do it for a whole hour at the charge of 5 dollars!! I sweated like crazy, I will keep on doing is a good workout, it's like dancing, but incorporated with pilates. Will keep you ladies posted on my progresss.


Monday, August 17, 2009


Hi Lovely Ladies!
How are you all doing?! I am sick! Damn it, my sleeping schedule has been whack ever since school ended and summer started. I sleep at the wee hours of the morning, usually 5-7 am and sleep til 2-3 pm noon! Tell me that is NOT whack! sighs* It is so physically draining on the body and I think that is what's getting me sick. I woke up today with a fever and sore thoart. I read up on my disorder and I think I have "DSPS" (delayed sleep phase syndrome). It is when my body thinks I am suppose to sleep at a certain time...not like the normal human being who sleeps 10-12 pm, but I sleep later and wake up later because I am "delayed." It made sense to me when I was reading about it, but either way, I HAVE A PROBLEM! Maybe I should be living in Vietnam, then my sleeping cycle would sync perfectly! Anywhos, on to a more interesting topic! EYE LASHES & MAXI DRESS! Seriously, what girl doesn't like a goooood pair of eyelashes to spice up a make up look?! If you don't use lashes, I suggest you try em' from time to time!! I want to share where you can get a goooood deal on eye lashes and cheap clothes if you are ever in the Orange County/Huntington Beach Area. You can hit two birds with one stone!


#600, 28, 46, & 62. Ind. lashes in med. flare

I always pick up 10 pairs because at this place you can get 10 pairs for the cheap price of $15!!!! For Red Cherry lashes, it is a great deal! I used to be a fan of the MAC lashes, but considering it's $14 a pair compared to $15 and getting 10 pairs! I would opt for Red Cherries. I heard that they are made from the same manufacturer...the quality of these lashes are GREAT and I have been using them for almost three years now. You can mix and match which ones you want, they have colored lashes, glittered lashes, thick, thin, full, sparse, you name it...they have it!!! I wish I remembered to snap a shot of the section, but next time! My favorite everyday lashes are #600, they are not to thick and not too long...just perfect. I mixed in a tray of individual lashes because I want to try putting those in. Oh yes, they also offer accesories of all type and NYX make up products! ALL of the NYX stuff for CHEAP pricing, also. For all you NYX lovers out there! :D


Julie's Gift & Accessories
(714) 596-2998
16432 Beach Blvd
Westminster, CA 92683

After you are done with getting some lashes and want to do some major shopping stop by FASHION YOUNG. The two stores are in the same plaza as one another. They have the widest range of fashion clothing here for CHEAP PRICING. Every girl that is an OC girl knows of this place. They sell the exact same clothes as F21 and other stores, but for a lesser price!! The store is PACKED with clothes & cute sandals/accesories. I usually go here when I need tops or a sexy outfit to go clubbing in. If all else fails FASHION YOUNG would probably have something. I am not big on spending a lot on "style of the moment clothes" because it usually is only good for a season, so this place is perfect. If you like F21, you will like this place! Here is a maxi dress I got for only $15 dollars! They have A LOT of maxi dresses there, but I opted for this one because the length was perfect for me considering I'm am very petite.

The print to this dress is pretty different, but it looks really cute on, I didn't think twice. :D


(714) 847-8848
16410 Beach Blvd.

Westminster, CA 92683

Hope all you ladies have a wonderful week! It's just another manic Monday, wish it was Sundayyyy, cause' that is my fundayyyy!! Til' the next time, I have to remember to post about a wedding I went to with Bubs and a togaaaaa party! Happy shopping & living.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Ahems* Testing, Testing...
Just checking to see if this works! Hi BLOGSPOT world!! I am so excited to be on here. I have been myspacing, twittering, facebooking (deleted) for a while now, but have always hesitated to start a BLOGSPOT because seriously, who would be interested in reading about my life? HOWEVER, i figure if I don't do it for others, this is a good way for me to vent, share, rant, laugh, & cry to myself. ;D Thanks to "funsizee" on twitter who gave me the little push I needed today. After rummaging around on the net this is the simple layout I came up with. I will be blogging about alllll things from relationships to friendships to make up to random rambling and the thing I love most which is FOOOOOOOOD!!!!

Let me start off my introducing myself...My name is Giang Tran, I am 22 years of age. I am full Vietnamese and reside in Orange County, CA (so cal all the way!) I go to school in San Diego, CA (further south) at UCSD (the University of San Diego). I am an aspiring OBGYN (gynocologist aka VAGGGGGIE DOCTOR) errrbody come get ur papsmears!!! jk. I like all things girly! Make ups and clothes. When I am not in school I am either partying or hanging out with my BUBS aka the boyfriend. :D I have girlfriends I love to death who I know will be reading my blogspot or should I say STALKING it from time to time. :) lol...I am a happy gal & I care about everyone and anyone! I am a twitter addict! Follow me! TWITTER.COM/GIANGER...I really don't know why I just listed a bunch of random stuff, but as time goes on I'll be blogging about stuff that doesn't sound like I'm trying to find love on

Let's start by recapping about what I did over the weekend? Lots of drinking and partying, but the most eventful thing was going to my first CONCERT! I am so sheltered, I It was the biggest HIP HOP concert in OC called POWERHOUSE hosted by 106 FM radio station!

The Cartoon Pamphlet
All the good artists were there: Sean Paul, Jay Z, LMFAO, Ya Boy, Kid Cudi, Pitbull, FarEastMovement, Flo Rida, && many more, also a surprise performance by BLACK EYED PEAS! Everyone sounded great live and I had so much beer I actually fell asleep or a few mins during intermission!! What a SHAME!

Me & Beer #???
After the club, being the gangsta that I am hit up Club Heat in Downtown Anaheim with my girlfriends. Everyone else was being grandma status and didn't want to come out, but my CHUBBY FINGERS crew & my BESTiE didn't say NO! :D We were suppose to go to Sutra, but the line was too long so we went to Heat instead.

Me, Tiff (CF), & Bestie (14 years bby!!)
We danced the night away, but there were so many STICKY ppls. I swear I have the biggest pet peeve when I see girls dancing with their hair drenched in sweat like they just stepped outta the shower!! It is so gross! I don't understand why they just dont take a break and go wipe themselves off and get some fresh air. It is not attractive when you're swinging your sweat onto others and touching others with your sticky arms! Also, the guys who try to grind up on you and their whole shirt feels like it's been ran through the washer a few times. :l BLECH. Hennesey&Coke (my allll time favorite) Might I add, I'm not an alchoholic, I can handle my liquor and drink for fun!

Me, Tiff, Bestie & Shellie
We ALWAYS have to have drinks in our hands. ;)

I have a group of girlfriends and they are all my backbone and go to girls for everything. We have all known each other since Jr. High School/ High School and most likely you all will be seeing A LOT of them in my blog posts. Here they areeee!!!


Missing in the picture above to complete our set is two other girlies...Jennayyy & Dianne (the
ONLY filipina in our group) Jenny (left) Deekai (right)

I know this is picture overload, but I just want to introduce you all to the people who mean sooooooo much to me...Literally PARTNERS in CRIME. From movie nights to shopping dates to having someone to hold your hair back when you are puking your lungs out. Speaking of puking your lungs out I have not posted a picture of the love of my life yet! LOL If he reads this he will start to wonder if he even matters to me...Don't worry, Bubs, I'll post a picture of you, too!

3 Years & Counting (Nauseating, I know!!) :P
This man is named Hieu (pronounced Hugh). He is my lover, best friend and partner in crime! We both met through mutual friends and we have had a longggg journey, but we are the happppiest we have ever been. I am in love with this man and I can shout it at the top of my lungs. I am lucky to have found him. He is loving, caring, gentle & all thing beautiful created by the higher power. He calls me princess everyday and treats me like one. Without him I would have no lunch/shopping money and no one to scratch my back and laugh at my lame jokes. BTW, I LOVEEEE TELLING LAME JOKES. HERE IS ONE! sounds better in real life when you hear my voice though.

There were two apples sitting in an oven
One apple turned and said to the other...
"It's hot in here"
The other apple says...
"AH! A talking apple!"

Lame, but lame is funnnny. hahaha I enjoy all the little things in life and remember if you don't laugh at your own jokes no one else will! ;P I think that is enough of my randomness for now...that was pretty good about of nothingness for a first blog entry. I will share more about make up finds & lots of fooood porn! Also, find me on yelpppp! :D Hope you all enjoyed this. Have a wonderful week!

Peas, Love, & Chicken Grease! MWAHHHHS!!!
I LOVE all things Hello Kitty, but what girl doesn't!??!
Will have a BLOG POST dedicated to just HK!! stay tuned!!