Friday, August 21, 2009

Wedding/Toga Party

Hi All!!
So here are the wedding/toga party pics I promised to post up. I went to a wedding with my boyfriend & to a toga party with the girls afterwards (lastttt min.) I came in my wedding attire and magically I received some bed sheets and modified my toga. Overall it was a goooood night, lots of alcohol (henney XO, yummmmm) and ends the night in me puking my lungs out. The next morning I was still puking. I always tell myself I am going to take a break with the drinking and partying, but that never happens. shrugs* I am still young though, so I am going to party it up until I cannot party anymore. Summer session is starting this coming week and my old boss called me to come back to work for her as a part time teller...18 hrs a week? I think I will take her up on the offer! I have been living comfortably, but I think some extra shopping/spending cash won't hurt, plus it'll keep me super busy and motivated on top of being a full time student. :D I am going back to San Diego which is an hour and ten mins away from my love & girlfriends, but "ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER." Girls, I will visit you often and you guys better come party with me in downtown SD. Withdrawal syndrome is going to suckkkk ass, but we have to make sacrifices sometimes for a better future. On a side note, we are all planning to go to this year's AMAs (American Music Awards) hosted at the Nokia theatre! I am superrrr excited about that, we all get to dress up and have a BIG girls night out! We're getting mid row tickets which is in the hundreds, but that is ok, because it is well worth it. So here are some eye candy from last weekend. Hope you all enjoy! I wanted to do the FOTD for the wedding makeup, but I will do that later because I used so many colors I have to sort them out. LOL


The next day we were suppose to have girl's night out to crab some BOILING CRABBBB, I looveeee crawfish, shrimps and oysters, but unfortunately only the four of us party animals made it out to eat! The wait was a total of 2 hours, sooooo very long, but worth every minute of it once we got our food! We order four lbs. of crawfish, a pound of shrimps, a dozen of oysters and some cajun fries. If you are ever in the OC area, you have to stop by BC, it is AMAZING, the sauce is one of a kind (whole shaaaabang) and it'll leave you HOOKED!

Until the next time, toooodles beautiful ladies. :D

P.S. my girlfriend, Deekai, took me to my very first Zumba class at the Quest Learning Center, found by Quest Dance Crew, and I must say I REALLY LIKE IT! It is a mixture of aerobics & salsa and you do it for a whole hour at the charge of 5 dollars!! I sweated like crazy, I will keep on doing is a good workout, it's like dancing, but incorporated with pilates. Will keep you ladies posted on my progresss.



giang said...
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Sher said...

you look so nice with curled hair! lol a re you hiding the alcohol? lol TOGA PARTY! Never been to one but I've always wanted, they look like fun.

I gotta thank you again for sending those things to me :) you are really thoughtful!